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5 Cigars That Prove Size Matters

5 Cigars That Prove Size Matters

If you’ve been reading the Daily Batch for a while, you know that we like to highlight the differences between vitolas (cigar sizes) whenever possible.  This is the main reason that we sometimes offer samplers of new cigars upon release, so that you can sample each size before committing to a favorite. 

Here’s some additional reading for those that wonder why and how various sizes can taste radically different: 

The cigars that we’ve selected below each taste different than another cigar within the same brand, giving you an idea of the relationship between cigar sizes.  

Casdagli Traditional Grand Café 

Why Cigar Sizes Matter: Casdagli Grand Cafe

Casdagli specifically blends their cigars with different intentions, and it’s no surprise that a lancero would have different characteristics than their other offerings. What is surprising, however, is just how smooth and rich this lancero is without angling for the unbridled and overwhelming tones usually associated with this size.   

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Several of the cigars in the Traditional lineup include sweeter tasting notes, but what strikes me about the Grand Café is the exclusive hints of vanilla that’s claimed on their website.  Not only is vanilla (like a vanilla cream puff) present in this vitola whereas I don’t find it in the others, it’s very noticeable and easily identified.  We could have chosen any cigar from the Traditional lineup to showcase the differences between sizes, but this cigar is truly something special.

Campesino Series White Label 

Cigar Sizes Matter: Campesino White Label

We’ve talked a lot about Campesino over the last year, and it’s no secret that I love what they did with the White Series.  There are now three sizes to choose from, and I think they each resonate with a slightly different crowd. 

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Whereas the Robusto is more of a buttery, medium-bodied cigar with some attitude, the Toro that we’ve selected for this sampler is milder and highlights the sweeter tasting notes in a Dominican puro.  And if you’re not looking for a morning or afternoon cigar, the Corona cranks the dial to the right even further with a more potent dose of body and flavor. Each size represents a different level of strength and flavor, and each size appeals to a different mood.

Drew Estate Undercrown Corona Viva

Why Cigar Sizes Matter: Drew Estate Undercrown

Speaking of sweeter tasting notes, many don’t know that the Undercrown Corona Viva was blended separately from the other Undercrown vitolas and would eventually serve as the base blend for the Undercrown Shady and Undercrown Dogma.  Fruit, chocolate, and more can be easily identified in the Corona Viva.

If I were to describe the rest of the Undercrown brand in a sentence, I’d say that I remember them as pepper and earth bombs.  This Corona Gorda expression is exceptionally different, making it one of my favorite cigars from Drew Estate to date.  

RoMa Craft CroMagnon Mode 5

How Cigar Sizes Matter: RoMa Craft CroMagnon

If a single brand were needed to prove the point that cigar sizes matter, I’d only need to call on RoMa Craft as an expert witness.  We’ve carried 14 different sizes of CroMagnon alone at Small Batch, not including the EMH Fomorian with a different wrapper.  And, a quick glance doesn’t show that we’ve ever carried the Femur, which undoubtedly means there are even more sizes out there in the wild that I’m unfamiliar with.  

While it’s almost cheating since the Mode 5 is a figurado that changes the concentration and airflow, it’s my favorite CroMagnon for the pepper and grilled meat combination.  Most CroMagnon sizes provide varying amounts of earth, spices, woods, and chargrilled expressions, but the Mode 5 hits a unique note within the ever-growing CroMagnon portfolio. 

DTT Sobremesa Short Churchill

Why Cigar Sizes Matter: Dunbarton Sobremesa

Herrera Esteli hits grand slams with Lonsdales, Dapper Cigars crushes the Toro size, Davidoff masterfully blends Diademas, and it’s my opinion that Steve Saka absolutely dominates the Short Churchill size.  If a cigar by Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust features a short anything, you can bet it’ll be the first cigar I try in every new blend. 

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Saka was very vocal about his Sobremesa line when it first debuted, explaining how he blended the thinner ring gauges to have more kick whereas the larger ring gauges were smoother and, to my tastes nuttier.  The Short Churchill, however, tastes like a balancing act of strength and finesse that results in exquisite tasting notes that at times remind me of a Salted Caramel Mocha. Steve’s another prime example why it always pays to sample multiple sizes of a cigar before deciding on a favorite – a different experience may be waiting behind every band.


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4/12/2019 3:57 AM
"larger ring gauges were smoother . . . nuttier."
4/14/2019 1:02 PM
I've always overlooked samplers with different sizes of the same cigar thinking they weren't offering anything different. As I begin to develop my palate I will keep this article in mind.
4/15/2019 6:54 AM
Thats the ticket, David!  Would love to hear your thoughts after working through one of those samplers