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Campesino Cigars

Campesino, translated to Farmer, pays homage to the very folks that make the magic happen in the Dominican Republic. Campesino is a Dominican puro and is rolled at a small, boutique factory known as Manufactura Rivas.

After a brief respite, Campesino is back in stock!  Stay tuned for more releases throughout the year.

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Campesino Jabalí

Tasting Notes: Creamy Oak, Dark Chocolate, Pepper, Mineral, Med-Bodied Coffee, Molasses

Intensity: Medium

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Campesino Brand Sampler


Campesino Corona Primera

From $34.00 OUT OF STOCK

Campesino Reserva Del Padre

Tasting Notes: Creamy Cedar, Cocoa, Floral, Cinnamon, Leather, Weak Coffee

Intensity: Medium

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From $60.00 OUT OF STOCK

Campesino Serie Renacimiento

This cigar was selected as one of our Editor's Choice Top 11 Cigars of 2018

Tasting Notes: Heavy Cream, Dark Chocolate, Graham Cracker, Leather, Brown Sugar

From $50.00 OUT OF STOCK

Campesino Buey Manso

Tasting Notes: Cream, Cedar, Graham Cracker, Subtle Chocolate

From $40.00 OUT OF STOCK

Campesino Robusto Definitivo

From $37.50 OUT OF STOCK