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Regional Spotlight: Top 5 Dominican Puros

Regional Spotlight: Top 5 Dominican Puros

Updated 11 April 2019

The Dominican Republic is home to some of the world’s most iconic cigars and today we’ll be sharing with you our top five Dominican puros to capture the essence of Dominican tobacco.  In this sense, puro means that the entire cigar is comprised of tobacco from the Dominican Republic: the wrapper, binder, and filler.  If any one of these components were sourced from outside the Dominican Republic, it would no longer be considered a puro.

The Dominican Republic consists of several different growing regions surrounding the Cibao Valley and bisected by the river Rio Yaque del Norte.  The Yaque Valley, a zone named after the river inside the Cibao Valley, is home to what some consider the best soil on the planet for tobacco.

With this in mind, we wanted to showcase the dynamic profiles of Dominican puros and give you a taste of the best of the best.  Each cigar that we’ve selected highlights a different characteristic that we enjoy from Dominican cigars, showcasing the blending prowess of these talented brands.

Note: The cigars in the featured sampler may change due to availability, but will always and only feature Dominican puros! If you'd like to try one of the Dominican puros described below, click on the image and set an in-stock notification if they're currently out of stock. 

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1. Fuente Fuente Opus X Lost City

Regional Highlight: Dominican Republic  |  Smallbatchcigar.com Top 5 Dominican Puros:  Opus X Lost City

When considering Dominican puros, one would be remiss not to include the Fuente Family! In the mid 1990’s, the Fuente family introduced a cigar the cigar world still cherishes to this day: the Opus X.  This cigar was not only stronger than most in that era, it was also the first mainstream Dominican puro.

As if this story wasn’t already one of epic proportions, the Lost City credits it’s origins to Hollywood! Andy Garcia, a cuban-American Actor and Director, wanted to film a sequence for The Lost City at Chateua Fuente in the summer months. Having already harvested the tobacco earlier in the year, the Fuente family accommodated the film by replanting the fields in the off-season. 

After Hollywood packed up, Fuente harvested a rare off-season crop and stored the tobacco for over 5 years before releasing limited quantities of the Fuente Fuente Opus X Lost City to market in 2010.

Expect one of the smoothest full-bodied experiences you can imagine with the Lost City.

2. Davidoff Golden Band Awards

Regional Highlight: Dominican Republic  |  Smallbatchcigar.com Top 5 Dominican Puros:  Davidoff Golden Band Awards,

Since 2012, Davidoff has awarded select retailers the prestigious Golden Band Award: an honor that comes with an unforgettable store exclusive!  In 2017, we won our second consecutive Best Performance award for being the single location store that sold the most Davidoff brand products. Thus, we’re able to offer this exquisite cigar featuring a wrapper from the Yamasa region.

Over twenty years ago, Henke Kelner wanted to grow tobacco in the Yamasa region, one known to be problematic for tobacco and considered impossible.  Throughout the years, Henke continued to add more nitrates and calcium to the soil until he finally got it right.  The Yamasa region has only been utilitized on three cigars to date, the Puro d’Oro, Yamasa, and Golden Band Awards.

When most people think of Dominican cigars, they think of a milder, morning cigar that is the perfect compliment to coffee.  And, in the Davidoff Golden Band Awards, you have that very same cigar! This is our iconic Dominican puro – the classic selection of the bunch.  Expect a creamy, satisfying experience with intermittent spice and quintessential Cream of Wheat tasting notes.

3. Litto Gomez Small Batch No. 6

Regional Highlight: Dominican Republic  |  Smallbatchcigar.com Top 5 Dominican Puros:  Litto Gomez Small Batch Number 6


Litto Gomez is the mastermind of La Flor Dominicana (LFD) and the blender of some of the world’s strongest cigars.  Most people look to Nicaragua for full-bodied cigars, but cigar enthusiasts have looked to LFD for years when searching for full strength smokes. 

Litto says, “With every year comes a new crop at our farm in La Canela. After every harvest we separate certain small batches of tobacco that we consider to be particularly special. These leafs are the best of the best, their power, flavor, and balance is unmatched even amongst the healthiest crops of tobacco. These are the leafs that we set aside for our Small Batch line.”

LFD uses a special wrapper that was hard to come by when they started producing the Small Batch cigars over ten years ago.  Named Pelo de Oro, it’s a tobacco that we don’t see very often because of how tough it is to grow in respectable quantities. The Small Batch No. 6 also features tobacco from their 2009 crop, producing a very unique experience that is unlike any other Dominican puro on the market.

4. Chogui Dos 77 

Regional Highlight: Dominican Republic  |  Smallbatchcigar.com Top 5 Dominican Puros:  Chogui Dos 77

Victor Nicolas of Chogui says this about the naming of Dos 77, “The first release we had was Chogüí Primera Edición which was a limited release of 300 boxes, all numbered. When we took the cigars from the factory in Tamboril, Santiago to Santo Domingo, box number 277 was lost. In honor of the lost box and that no good cigar should be forgotten, Dos77 was born.

Hailing from the Top Secret Nest in the Dominican Republic, Chogui’s Dos 77 was an easy choice for our Top 5 Dominican Puros.  Not only is it produced at a factory known for making Dominican puros, it also showcases a vibrant flavor profile at a fraction of the cost of the cigars previously mentioned. 

While the other cigars on our list are more geared towards coffee and rum pairings, the Dos 77 is bold enough to stand up to your favorite whiskeys and deliver a knock out punch! If you haven’t been able to shake off preconceived notions about Dominican cigars with our previous picks, this one will do the trick.  

5. Caldwell The King is Dead

Regional Highlight: Dominican Republic  |  Smallbatchcigar.com Top 5 Dominican Puros:  Caldwell The King is Dead

Standing tall in fine company, Caldwell’s The King is Dead is the smooth operator of the bunch. If today’s post were about personalities, this cigar would be the Rogue amidst cigars of regal, elite, commanding, and powerful characters.  The King is Dead is nuanced, smooth, and charming in a cavalier way that you’ve come to expect from Caldwell Cigars.

The premise for this came from Robert Caldwell noting that some cigars taste better because of the cigar that went before it.  Round 2 is influenced by Round 1 and so on.  This prompted him to create a one-two punch: The King is Dead and Long Live the King. Enthusiasts are encouraged to smoke The King Is Dead first and then follow it up with a Long Live the King experience - both having been blended to be enjoyed sequentially.  There’s also an interesting message in these two cigars marking the end of one kingdom and the beginning of another.

For this cigar, Robert used a Dominican Negrito wrapper that’s very uncommon in the cigar world. Known for it’s off-putting color, poor burn qualities, and reluctance to harmonize with other tobacco in a blend, the Negrito wrapper takes an exceptional amount of skill and patience to use properly. To date, only a handful of cigars have come to market with it.  But if you can pull it off, the end result is highly rewarding as is evident in The King is Dead.

Each and every cigar on this list is an excellent sampling of the various aspects of Dominican puros, but The King is Dead will arguably be the most unique cigar you’ll encounter if you haven’t experienced it already.  Expect rich mocha notes followed by exotic spices that you just can’t put your finger on. 

Regional Highlight: Dominican Republic  |  Smallbatchcigar.com Top 5 Dominican Puros:  Opus X Lost City, Litto Gomez Small Batch Number 6, Davidoff Golden Band Awards, Chogui Dos 77, Caldwell The King is Dead


Note: The sampler above may change depending on availability but will always include Dominican puros.

Top 5 Dominican Puros Sampler

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