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Interview with Campesino Cigars (Edgar Julian Sued)

Interview with Campesino Cigars (Edgar Julian Sued)

How did you get into the cigar industry? 

My curiosity for tobacco began around 2012. I was smoking years before that but not as active. My grandfather had a Tobacco Warehouse in San Victor (next to Tamboril) but not as a tobacco man, just as a business man. Between friends and family, I’ve been close to people in the cigar industry my entire life.

Edgar Julian Sued of Campesino Cigars and Tabaqueria 1844

Edgar Julian Sued, Campesino Series 

In 2013, I got to know Francisco "Chico" Rivas with 2 other friends that were not interested in sacrificing their jobs to go 24/7 into cigars. So Chico and I first started as friends, and afterward we did business. After months spending day and night from Monday to Saturday at the Factory, I decided to start what today is Tabaqueria 1844 and Campesino. I realized that cigars are what I’m most passionate about, and to see how a friend-brother-smoker enjoys a Campesino makes me happy as a clam! 

I love cigars, I love what I do, and I don’t want to see myself doing other things!

How did you decide on the name Tabaqueria 1844 and Campesino? 

1844 is the year of the Dominican Republic Independence, the year it all started. The Dominican Republic is the most beautiful country in the world, a shared island with young but intense history that has always been very attached to the tobacco. Campesino means Farmer or Peasant, and I decided on this name because it’s the best way to honor their labor of love. 

Imagine... Without them we would never enjoy such pleasures cigars, coffee, or even chocolate.


Campesino Cigars Limited Edition 2018

Photo Credit: @CampesinoSeries


Talk to us about your new releases!  What can we expect?

Campesino Renacimiento

Mid may when the Campesino Renacimiento (Renaissance) will land in the U.S. It's a limited edition 43 x 6, we call it a Corona Extra, with the same intensity as Pequeñas Producciones (white label) but a different profile. It's probably one of my favorite cigars, yet we will not bring it to regular production. To us, it signifies that the transition is over and now we are reborn.

Campesino Reserva del Padre

By the first week of June we will feature Campesino Reserva del Padre, a really special cigar made for our fathers in their month. They are also limited edition as every one of our fathers are. It's 54 x 5.5 and the strongest, most flavorful cigar that we have to offer. 

Campesino Pequeñas Producciones (white label) is coming back with a new member of the family that is the Corona Gorda (46 x 5). Of course, we are keeping the winners alive, the infamous Robusto Definitivo (52 x 5 1/4) and Buey Manso (54 x 6). 


Campesino Series Cigars

Photo Credit: @CampesinoSeries


Later this year we will launch a special cigar for our Connecticut wrapper lovers and an Oscuro line for enthusiasts looking for those kinds of smokes. You know, we were away for 2 years but we kept the passion alive and are looking forward to bring you extraordinary smokes.

Campesino is back to stay. We’re full of passion and we’ve constantly improved.

What does Manufactura Rivas do that other factories don’t? 

Manufactura Rivas (Chico Rivas’ factory) is the factory that I know keeps the best quality control, consistency, and respect for all of the steps that lead to a great cigar. Many others can do it, it’s not something impossible, but the care that we put into every single cigar made at our factory is just not as common elsewhere.


Edgar Sued of Tabaqueria 1844 and Campesino Cigars

Photo Credit: @CampesinoSeries


Which drinks pair the best with your cigars? 

Pairings are very personal. For me, the best ones are Coffee and Rum, and I have to be precise about this, because each one of the two would depend a lot on the moment, the mood, and the cigar. The morning coffee with the first cigar of the day is a unique ritual that makes you feel super alive, with all of your senses engaged. 

What’s your favorite cigar memory? 

New Years Eve, always! The first cigar of the year. 

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5/14/2018 1:34 PM
What's the name of the gent you interviewed?
5/15/2018 3:43 AM
John, it was the one and only Edgar Julian Sued   :)