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Season’s Memories: 5 Cigars that Remind Us of the Holidays

Season’s Memories: 5 Cigars that Remind Us of the Holidays

Just because 2020 is almost here doesn’t mean you can’t look back with fond memories!  Kickstart 2020 by remembering some of your favorite moments of 2019, especially one of our favorite times of the year. 

Holiday S’mores: Warped Skyflower 2019


Warped Skyflower 2019


There are few things greater than making s’mores over the holidays, except maybe smoking one of Kyle Gellis’ annual, limited production Flor del Valle Skyflower.  A friend once described this cigar like smoking a s’more, and I couldn’t agree more!  To my preferences, this year’s Skyflower is the best release that I’ve smoked to date: it’s elegant, rich, and has all the makings of a favored tradition. 

Christmas Stockings: Caldwell The King is Dead Sleeping Beauty


Caldwell The King is Dead Sleeping Beauty


Sleeping Beauty is an incredible expression of Caldwell’s The King is Dead, offering the complete Christmas Stocking experience from start to finish.   Imagine digging into your stocking and finding various chocolates waiting to be unwrapped – and then imagine that all of these notes were available in a Dominican puro. Here, it tastes like Whoppers with a finish of dark chocolate.  There, it tastes rich like ganash.  This is the perfect complement to a sweet tooth! 

Thanksgiving Dinner: Davidoff Small Batch #7


Davidoff Small Batch #7


The ultimate dinner cigar, Davidoff’s Small Batch #7 is equal doses of hearty and charming.  Easing its way into your graces like an appetizer, this cigar layers in the flavor like a good lasagna and never stops.  By the end, each puff is a satisfying mix of savory, sweet, and even a touch of sour.  I hope you like your dinner meals complete with multiple courses and dessert, because #7 is here to party!  This cigar has also become a recent favorite at our Maxamar Ultimate Cigars lounge. 

Christmas Morning: Foundation Tabernacle Doble Corona


Foundation Tabernacle Doble Corona


Ahhhhhh Christmas morning… It’s quite possibly the single best morning of the year, and is guaranteed to be filled with anticipation, hope, wonder, and joy.  Somehow Nicholas Melillo created this particular Tabernacle to embody all of these emotions into 90+ minutes of pure smoking bliss.  With maybe a bit of trepidation at the size, the anticipation and hope come from Nick describing how wonderful this size is for his Tabernacle blend since the tobacco leaves go into the bunch whole without breakage and redistributing.  This then transitions to wonder and joy once you light up an effortless smoking experience that’s chock full of silky-smooth flavor.

Friends & Family: Aganorsa Claude Le Chien 

Is there anything better than spending this time of year with family and friends?  Claude Le Chien was created to celebrate Claude’s fifth birthday, Andrew’s blue French bulldog, and utilizes five-year-old Criollo 98 tobacco in the filler.  Coupled with the box-pressed shape and a Nicaraguan Corojo Rosado wrapper, you’ve got a playful, spirited Guardian of the Farm blend that perfectly personifies man’s best friend… and family! 


Cigars that Remind us of the Holidays


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