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Chogui Cigars

Chogui is a brand brought to us Victor Nicolas out of the Dominican Republic from the Top Secret Nest.  Working with Chico Rivas, Victor is constantly groomed to be the best of the best.  

Victor and Chogui Cigars embrace the spirit of boutique cigar making, choosing to produce small batch cigars with a quality control being at the center of their focus. This isn't a brand that will stay in stock year round because there just isn't enough supply to keep up with the demand. 

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Chogui Brand Sampler

Unbanded Pack of 4

Chogui Dos77 Longsdale

** unbanded packs/bundles only **
From $45.00 OUT OF STOCK

Chogui Dos77 Rogusto

From $45.00 OUT OF STOCK

Chogui Dos77 Toro

** unbanded packs/bundles only **
From $49.00 OUT OF STOCK

Chogui Heart Breaker

Sadly boxes are sold out but we have bundles for five packs. If you order two five packs please be aware it will not ship in the box.
From $52.50 OUT OF STOCK

Papa Chogui

From $50.00 OUT OF STOCK