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FAQ: How Do I Get Rid of Cigar Breath?

FAQ: How Do I Get Rid of Cigar Breath?

This is a question that we receive from cigar newbies and veterans alike - especially those with significant others. You select a cigar, fire it up, enjoy the hell out of it, and then try to go about your day. Except you can’t, because your breath smells like the left over ash from a bonfire swirled into a cocktail. Unless you’re a savage and don’t care, in which case you carry on.

Assuming you have excellent dental and gum care already, let’s talk about a few things that can win the battle against cigar breath after enjoying your hour of power.

Frequently Asked Cigar Questions

Brush Your Teeth and Tongue

One of the most overlooked methods of combating cigar breath is hiding right under our noses! We brush our teeth, gums, and tongue every day yet for some reason cigar enthusiasts often forget it as a quick solution for a post-cigar refresher. 

It isn’t always viable to brush and use mouth wash immediately after, but it is the quickest way to return to normal. In order for this to be your go-to solution, though, you’ll need to include all three components: brush the teeth, brush the tongue, and use a mouth rinse.  Forgetting one of these is tantamount to forgetting your lighter in this scenario. As a cherry on top, you could also add a salt water rinse or coconut oil pulling into this routine.

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Eat or Drink Something

Hopefully someone can chime in with a comment below with scientific evidence of this, but my own empirical evidence shows that eating a meal greatly reduces cigar breath. If you’re out and about without a dental hygiene kit, timing your meals after a cigar may make the difference. 

I’m assuming this works much like brushing your tongue, where a good portion of the offending bacteria and oils linger. There are benefits to eating certain foods, however, that go beyond the mouth and work from the inside out: foods loaded with Vitamin C (looking at you, lemons!), many oils, yogurts, cinnamon, several herbs, and practically anything that encourages saliva production.

Along the same lines, several drinks also keep cigar breath in check. Teas are often touted as being winners in this category, but I can neither confirm nor deny this personally.  Spirits, particularly vodka, are especially helpful though as it dehydrates bacteria like a super powered salt water rinse.  In fact, the Mythbusters tested a rinse of vodka and cinnamon here to find that it repelled garlic, cheese, and cigarette breath!

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Sugar-Free Gum

The ultimate on-the-go tool, sugar-free gum is highly effective at handling cigar breath. Not only does it mask your breath in the short term with a flavor that you desire, it also forces you to salivate so that your body’s own defenses take care of the problem in the long term. 

Sugar-free is the keyword here. The absence of sugar denies problematic bacteria from having their way with us.  Chewing gum loaded in sugar would be like handing weapons to your enemies before the battle starts.  Gum seems to work better than mints on an economical and time scale,  but I'm sure the same case could be made for both.

Tell us! What are your favorite Cigar Breath solutions?

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4/28/2018 9:28 AM
Just chew some garlic, ya dingus!
4/30/2018 12:35 AM
My question is how to get it out of your Mustache and beard easily. Any ideas?

A lot of people recommend this for cigar/cigarette breath. This is also recommended by professional Santa's doing mall work.
4/30/2018 12:36 AM