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Exploring Cigars That Taste Like Leather

Exploring Cigars That Taste Like Leather

Illusione Rothchildes: Iconic Leather 

If you haven’t seen our Develop Your Palate series yet, this cigar has been instrumental in describing leather to our audience for about 2 years now.  Here’s what we had to say about it back then:


Cigars that taste like leather: Illusione *R* Rothchildes


“Consider faux leather, rough side out boot leather, old versus new leather, that Italian leather sofa that your significant other won’t let you put in your office, and any other type of leather in your memory bank. The smells and sensations are different, yet firm inside your mind.  Once lit, the Illusione Rothchildes will take you on a roller coaster ride of thick, chewy leather.”

Crux PB5: Peanuts and Leather 

A recent Cigar of the Week, the PB5 showcases an incredible trio of flavors involving peanuts, leather, and cream.  The impression of leather that I get most from this cigar in the first half is rough side out boot leather, and it works wonders contrasting the creamy texture and nutty flavors.  


Cigars that taste like leather: Crux Limitada PB5


Some of my favorite moments with this cigar are when the nuttiness and leather combine in different ways to form completely separate nuances.  Here it takes on a peanut shell note, there it’s more of an almond latte on a new leather sofa, and sometimes it reminds me of rough leather and peanut butter.   

Black Works Sindustry: Mexican Cocoa and Leather

The Sindustry lancero is one of those cigars that come along and completely change your mind about a brand.  Until Sindustry, I thought I knew the profile that I could expect from Black Label Trading Co. and Black Works Studio.  In a post-Sindustry world, I know that every new James Brown release can be expected to be unexpected.  


Cigars that taste like leather: Black Works Sindustry


This cigar hits the ground running with cocoa, leather, and pepper in spades.  In fact, it was also mentioned in our Chocolate Town article because of just how strong this trio of tasting notes is.  From that article, “What I love about this cigar is its ability to blend a sweeter tasting note like chocolate with gritty leather and copious amounts of pepper.” 

JSK Red Knight: Spice and Leather

Ahhhhh the Red Knight!  Had this been available back in the day, this would likely have been in the running for our Leather post about Iconic Tasting Notes if we thought the concentrated doses of pepper wouldn’t be an overwhelming presence.  And make no mistake – just because Spice and Leather sounds like a Yankee Candle doesn’t mean it won’t kick like a mule when the time comes.  


Cigars that taste like leather: JSK Red Knight


What’s beautiful about this cigar is the wide breadth of leathery nuances that it spans.  From start to finish, different sweeter notes rise and fall to create both subtle and palpable impressions.  That’s where Riste Ristevski really seems to shine, balancing the moments between overpowering spice and sweet relief. 

Bonus Cigar: Earth and Leather

As a bonus to the 4-pack created for this article, we’ve included a fifth cigar as a bonus that reminds me of Earth and Leather.  Heavy on the earth, heavy on the leather.  We hope you enjoy it!  


Cigars that Taste Like Leather Sampler


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