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Chocolate Town: 5 Cigars That Taste like Chocolate!

Chocolate Town: 5 Cigars That Taste like Chocolate!

If you like chocolate, you're in luck!  There's no shortage of cigars that taste like chocolate in our hobby, and we've put together a tasting sampler to showcase five very different expressions of chocolate in cigars.  

Of course, we could have just named Tatuaje's TAA 2014 (a veritable lesson in chocolate) but they've been long gone for a while now.  If you're lucky enough to still have one of these laying around, feel free to lighter 'er up and smile like a kid left alone in a candy store.  If not, grab one of these and tell us if you think we hit the mark or not! 

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Spicy, Gritty Chocolate: BLTC Sindustry

Chocolatey Cigars: BLTC Sindustry

Hailing from Fabrica Oveja Negra, Black Works Studio’s Sindustry is another bold offering from James Brown.  What I love about this cigar is its ability to blend a sweeter tasting note like chocolate with gritty leather and copious amounts of pepper.  It’s like sipping your first mug of Mexican Hot Chocolate and realizing just how great the push and pull of sweet and spicy can be!  

Chocolate Earth: Emilio Cavatina

Cigars that Taste like Chocolate: Emilio Cavatina

Cavatina also comes to us from Fabrica Oveja Negra and is another killer expression from James Brown. Whereas Sindustry displays a Type A personality, Cavatina is more subtle and requires a little more attention.  Chocolatey earth is easily distinguished in the regular mouthfeel, but the magic in this blend is in the retro hale and its long, satisfying finish of honeysuckles, citrus and more chocolate. 

Milk Chocolate: Caldwell The King is Dead

Cigars that Taste like Chocolate: Caldwell The King is Dead

The classic choice for milk chocolate with Caldwell’s application of its Negrito wrapper, this figurado allows the cigar enthusiast to experience a wider range of body and complexity as the intensity builds naturally.  If Kinder Chocolate were to sponsor a cigar brand, this would undoubtedly be their choice.  

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Dark Chocolate: Crowned Heads Le Careme

Chocolatey Cigars: Crowned Heads Le Careme

Not to be outdone, Crowned Heads took a different approach to Chocolate with Le Careme, a cigar specifically blended to pay homage to a world-renowned Chef.  A good portion of this cigar tastes like unadulterated dark chocolate, something that can be off-putting at first to some but unique and noteworthy. I’ve found myself reaching for them much more than I ever thought initially because there’s just nothing else quite like it.  

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Mocha: DTT Sin Compromiso

Cigars that Taste like Chocolate: Dunbarton Sin Compromiso

What do you get when you combine a mouthwatering flavor profile with flawless construction? Sin Compromiso, Steve Saka’s masterpiece.  This blend has chocolate for days, mixing with earth, chicory, and coffee for incredible nuances wrapped inside a velvety-smooth smoking experience.  I never knew it, but I don’t want to live in a world in which Sin Compromiso doesn’t exist!  

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4/5/2019 2:42 AM
I would also add My Father: La Antiguedad, El Galan: Doña Nieves, and Warped Flor Del Valle to the conversation. All very chocolatey👍
4/5/2019 5:04 AM
Good call, Joseph!

Also burned a Dapper Cubo Maduro yesterday with a little time on it that blew me away.  So much chocolate!