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Editor's Choice Awards: Top 11 Cigars of 2018

Editor's Choice Awards: Top 11 Cigars of 2018

So far we’ve reviewed the following for 2018: 

Today, we’re celebrating some of the brands that captured the attention and imagination of our Daily Batch staff over the last year.  These cigars span all different shapes, sizes, and price points, but were released in 2018 and available to the U.S.  

#11 HVC La Rosa 520 Maduro

Top 11 Cigars of 2018: HVC La Rosa 520

When anticipating a maduro La Rosa 520, several things went through my head. The end result was equal parts satisfying and surprised, as this Small Batch exclusive kicks like a mule while simultaneously tasting conclusively HVC.  The upfront pepper followed by a funky, earthy sensation sounds strange but was definitely the highlight of my humidor in the last couple weeks. 

Memorable Tasting Notes: Pepper, Funky Earth, Molasses, French Bread

#10 Campesino Renacimiento 

Top 11 Cigars of 2018: Campesino Renacimiento

As Campesino announced that they were returning to the U.S. last year, they did so with a limited edition release in the Renacimiento or Revival. Renacimiento is a charming Dominican puro that comes out swinging with big, beautiful flavors of dark chocolate and graham cracker that are joined by several subtle notes of leather and brown sugar throughout.  Renacimiento is equal parts professional poker player, sanguine on the beach, and sunglasses at night

Memorable Tasting Notes: Heavy Cream, Dark Chocolate, Graham Cracker, Leather, Brown Sugar

#9 Warped Serie Gran Reserva 1988

Top 11 Cigars of 2018: Warped Serie Gran Reserva 1988

Kyle Gellis hardly missteps on a regular day, so you can rest assured that his birth year celebration is going to be on par with the Warped Cigars experience: exclusively different.  GR88 is another solid medium-bodied offering from Kyle that delivers balanced combinations of spicy and sweet sensations.  Bold enough to stand up to the strongest coffee pairing, classy enough to meet your parents. 

Memorable Tasting Notes: Pepper, Cedar, Leather, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Honey 

#8 Davidoff 50thAnniversary 

Top 11 Cigars of 2018: Davidoff 50th Anniversary

Davidoff’s 50thAnniversary couldn’t have bigger shoes to fill. This brand has been on a rampage in this time, crushing the luxury market, the limited edition scene, and the innovative flavor profiles.  And yet, such a celebration can be experienced and even tasted in their 50thAnniversary Diademas Finas.  What begins as mild in the first several minutes with signature Davidoff tasting notes ramps up to medium-full by the halfway point and finishes with a flourish.  If I were to select a cigar to commemorate their journey over the last five decades, this would be the one and only option.  

Memorable Tasting Notes: Hay, Barnyard, Bread, Cedar, Pepper, Chocolate, Citrus

#7 Joya de Nicaragua Cinco Decadas 

Top 11 Cigars of 2018: Joya de Nicaragua Cinco Decadas

Wasn’t 2018 great for celebrating long years of hard work and tradition?  Joya de Nicaragua produced something truly remarkable for their 50 years celebration, a cigar worthy of celebrating even if you didn’t know the history behind it.  Cinco Decadas has haunted my dreams recently, and from a pure flavor perspective I enjoyed it more than any other commemorative cigar in memory.  It was also one of our Top 10 Blind Reviewed Cigars of 2018

Memorable Tasting Notes: Dark Chocolate, Cream, Gingerbread, Citrus, Cinnamon, Graham Cracker

#6 My Father La Gran Oferta 

Top 11 Cigars of 2018: My Father La Gran Oferta

My Father has been on an accolade bender recently!  Number one Blind Reviewed Cigar of 2018, one of our Top 8 Value Cigars of 2018, and now our #6 Cigar of the year.  This blend has everything you could ask for: mouthwatering complexity, dynamic flavor profile, immaculate construction, and an insanely well priced MSRP.  La Gran Oferta might just be the most well-rounded cigar of 2018. 

Memorable Tasting Notes: Cedar, Pepper, Sugarcane, Citrus, Floral, Bread

#5 Casdagli Daughters of the Wind 

Top 11 Cigars of 2018: Casdagli Daughters of the Wind

The new Daughters of the Wind reboot is a one to two-hour reminder of everything I love about Casdagli, formerly known as Bespoke Cigars.  Rich, nuanced flavors swirl around in a cloud of exceptionally smooth smoke for a refined taste that’s hard to imitate.  Of all the brands producing cigars today, Bespoke is the most dialed in to my palate at this moment.  I’m loving everything they do. 

Memorable Tasting Notes: Cream, Sourdough Bread, Leather, Graham Cracker, Gingersnaps 

#4 Foundation Tabernacle Havana Seed CT #142

Top 11 Cigars of 2018: Foundation Tabernacle Havana Seed Ct #142

If I could sum up Foundation Cigars, it’d be something like this: Nicholas Melillo makes cigars with as big of a personality as his own.  And, if you’ve ever spoken with him, I’m sure you’d agree. The latest rendition of Foundation’s Tabernacle is no different, rendering me near speechless with a stupid smile on my face.  Nick said it best, the original Tabernacle is bourbon and this is rye. 

Memorable Tasting Notes:  Earth, Pepper, Cinnamon, Fruit Cake, Dark Chocolate

#3 OneOff 

Top 11 Cigars of 2018: OneOff

Man have I been waiting a long time to write this up!  My first OneOff last year blew me away and for some reason I’m continuously surprised every time I light up another one.  There’s just no way that the next could be as good as I remembered, yet it sure is every time.  This line also features an extremely wide range, with the different sizes providing distinct flavor profiles and experiences. 

Memorable Tasting Notes:  Cream, Leather, Cedar, Croissant, Cinnamon, Flan, Nuts, Floral

#2 Aganorsa Leaf Signature Selection 

Top 11 Cigars of 2018: Aganorsa Leaf Signature Selection

In a word, Aganorsa’s Signature Selection tastes inspired.  In fact, I’ve had a really hard time the last several days deciding on whether or not this was a number one or number two cigar.  Max Fernandez showed up to show out, and this cigar immediately captured my attention with a unique take on Aganorsa’s renowned abilities.  It’s a shame that it’s a limited-edition cigar, because the world would be a better place if every enthusiast could try Signature Selection at least once.  

Memorable Tasting Notes: Peanut Butter, Pepper, Leather, Fruit Punch, Caramel

#1 Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust Sin Compromiso

Dunbarton Sin Compromiso

Another highly anticipated release, Steve Saka yet again flexed his creative muscles and delivered a full-bodied cigar that’s smoother than your Daddy’s suede shoes. Dunbarton’s Sin Compromiso is bold yet sophisticated, delivering concentrated tasting notes with thick, satisfying smoke.  This cigar is a well-orchestrated symphony, and all I want is a ticket to the concert.  

Memorable Tasting Notes: Hot Cocoa, Soft Leather, Cream, Earth, Chicory Root

Note: Sin Compromiso is back in stock and now available in the sampler below!   


Top 11 Cigars of 2018


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