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7 Small Cigars for Winter (2018)

7 Small Cigars for Winter (2018)

It looks like it’s that time of year again where cigar smokers bundle up and curse the cold.  That time of year where you wish that you prioritized cigars more in the short time after the heat of summer until the temps kept dropping, dropping and dropping.  And if you’re anything like me, these colder temperatures have you prioritizing cigars with shorter smoke times over their full-sized cousins.   

Smoking in extreme weather can really suck the life out of the party, so we’ve put together a sampler for the season that fits every type of mood, pairing, and time of day!  Here’s what’s included: 

Four Cigars With An Attitude

Best Small Cigars for Winter at Small Batch

Like a little kick with your cigar?  These four are small yet definitely in charge, wielding hearty flavors like a battle-axe in your smoke session.  These powerhouses are the perfect addition to your favorite pour of Bourbon, Scotch, or Brandy. 

You can expect a full throttle experience that’s chock full of bold flavors and good vibes.  

Three Cigars With Manners

Best Small Winter Cigars at Small Batch

Between Davidoff, Bespoke (Casdagli), and OneOff, your morning just became classier!   If you need a companion to your warm mug this winter, look no further than this mild-mannered threesome.  Each of these pair exceptionally well with java, hot cocoa, or your favorite tea.  

You can expect a creamy cigar experience along with sweeter tasting notes between them. 

Question For Everyone

I apologize that I couldn’t go into greater detail today as we’re prepping for a family move this weekend. I’m curious though, do you feel like you can taste more or less in the cold? 

I’ve always thought that I taste less in the cold, but a couple conversations with friends have led me to believe that I may be in the minority on that count. 

Tell us!  Do YOU feel that you taste more or less in the cold? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

7 Best Small Cigars for Winter

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11/11/2018 6:56 PM
Great question! I’ve always assumed that warmer weather means greater sensations, but thinking about it now, I wonder if I actually concentrate more with fewer distractions and am more able to focus on the taste/smell sensations and isolate the flavors more precisely. Definite food for thought, thx!
11/12/2018 8:02 PM
Halfwheel puts the Nasty Fritas at 1:35 avg smoke time, which is fine here in NY until about January.