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Best Cigars for Fishing: Our Top 5 Picks

Best Cigars for Fishing: Our Top 5 Picks

I’ll be the first to admit, I haven’t fished in a long, long time.  But, I’ll list our criteria for that we considered for the best fishing ‘gars on the planet and let you be the judge.  If you’ve got other suggestions, we’d love to hear from you in the comment section! 

Before loading up all the gear, here’s what our cigars would need to make the cut for such a fishing trip: 

  • Flavor that transcends hot or cold environments
  • Proven track record for quality construction 
  • Properly sized ring gauges for when both hands are busy
  • Something you can set down for a minute without having to relight
  • Must be affordable

Oh, and we also figured a useful lighter with a built-in punch would be a great add-on for your fishing gear as well!

Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust Umbagog


Best Cigars for Fishing: Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust Umbagog


Alright, this one was practically a no-brainer.  Steve Saka is known for painstakingly blending amazing cigars that perform like you’re reading a Best Of list from Consumer Reports magazine.  Umbagog was also named after his favorite lake and features the taste and performance of his beloved Mi Querida brand at a fraction of the cost. If this cigar wasn’t made for anglin', I’ll print this article out and eat it.  We went with the Churchill size to keep the smoke out of your eyes and your head in the game. 

Herrera Esteli Inktome Exception


Best Cigars for Fishing: Herrera Esteli Inktome Exception


The flat-press is a curious vitola that creates the perfect draw resistance while billowing smoke. We thought this size would be a great addition to a fishing trip, making it easier to keep your stogie out of the water and between your lips while wrestling with a larger catch.  Also, if you need to set it down quickly it’s less likely to run away while you handle business.  The good news is that this cigar tastes like a bolder version of the classic Herrera Esteli, which means you don’t have to sacrifice flavor for performance. 

RoMa Craft Aquitaine


Best Cigars for Fishing: RoMa Craft Aquitaine


RoMa Craft isn’t interested in introducing several new brands each year at the trade show.  They are, however, interested in crafting a $12 cigar for around $8 every day of the week.  Aquitaine is rich, satisfying, and one hell of a fishing companion that is as clean and fresh as their classy, understated bands.  And, if you find yourself enjoying this particular Aquitaine vitola, rest easy knowing the next smoke will be a near carbon copy from one of the most consistent factories and brands in the small batch community.  

Jas Sum Kral Toothpick 2.0 Habano


Best Fishing Cigars: Jas Sum Kral Toothpick 2.0


I’ve smoked my fair share of JSK Toothpicks last year, and the consensus ‘round these parts is that they keep getting better.  For $6, you’ve got a dynamic cigar that you could either take to the lake or gift to your father-in-law.  If you haven’t tried Riste’s Toothpick 2.0 yet, this may change the way you think about fishing, cigar smoking, or both – sometimes, you can have your cake and eat it too.  

Padron Classic


Best Fishing Cigars: Padron Classic Maduro


One of the handiest things you can have in your humidor is the Padron Classic.  It’s – for lack of a better word — a classic!  This particular robusto is a whirlwind of flavor with immaculate construction and can be finetuned further with an additional 18-24 months of rest in your humidor.  The best part?  Not only can these little cigars take a beating, I’ve routinely set them down, wandered around, and returned to a lit stogie.  Padron’s Classic series are hearty, utilitarian, easy on the wallet, and should be part of every kit.  


Tell Us!  What are YOUR favorite cigars to take fishin'? 


Best Cigars for Fishing


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8/7/2019 6:31 AM
This would fall into my yard gar category. I want something that is cheap yet still maintains good flavors, some transitions, good construction etc.
1. Illusione Rothchilds.
2. Padron Class line (Londres)
3. Tatuaje Cracker Crumbs
4. Partagas Short (Cuban)
5.  Warped La Hacienda (A little more $ but still affordable).
8/7/2019 6:57 PM
Ah, shit!  Top five?  You laid out some hellish criteria.  Okay.  All sizes are robusto or corona (maybe a skinny toro), none of this wizard, casino, or other BS size names.  In no particular order; Tatuaje Tattoo, Montecristo Platinum, Onyx (my old go-to from years ago), yes, that's right, ONYX.  Okay, what else; Arturo Fuente 8-5-8, and when the haul is worth it...Bespoke DOTW.  Okay, pricey stick, but affordable to this frugal SOB means coupons and cashing in my passion points!
8/8/2019 10:11 AM
Awesome post! We have a killer fishing trip planned at the end of this month. Going to order this to take with us for sure. Surprisingly I have none of these in my humidor right now.

You should totally do a golf sampler next. I have several buddies that are always asking me for cigars to take on their days at the course.