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Smoke What SBC Smokes

Smoke What SBC Smokes

Howdy folks!  Since I’m at Small Batch HQ this week, I figured we’d share what the Small Batch Crew has been enjoying lately with a quote about why they’ve been selecting it.  After a quick poll, here are the results:  

Andrew's smoking the Joya de Nicaragua Numero de Uno a lot lately

Andrew: Joya de Nicaragua Numero Uno 

“I think it’s a really good representation of what a Connecticut could be.  A lot of oomph, balanced, and keeps me engaged with the cigar rather than just smoking it.  It’s also easy to smoke while doing other things because there are so many other flavors. It’s not super nuanced where I feel like I have to just focus on the flavors. That’s important in here, because we’re working, constantly getting up and down and moving a lot, and I’m really looking for something that provides a lot of flavor that I don’t have to think too much about.”

Pairing Suggestion: E.H. Taylor

Paul's been crushing the Gran Mareva Gold's the last few weeks

Paul: Casdagli Gran Mareva Gold 

“This is the perfect size for me.  I can’t stand big ring gauges, and anything above 50 isn’t for me.  I’ve had maybe 20 of these already in the last two months.  It’s incredibly smooth, with a nutty profile and a touch of salt.  It almost reminds me of the Year of the Sheep, but that’s neither here nor there.  It’s just perfect for me.”   

Pairing Suggestion: Water

Brian's been slamming Tabernacle #142's this Fall

Brian: Foundation Havana Seed Ct #142

“The cigar that I’ve been most impressed with recently was the Tabernacle Havana Seed.  I think I’ve had like three or four this week.  I like the original Tabernacle, but the Havana Seed is on a completely different level for me.  I get a lot of chocolate malt out of it – more chocolate than malt – and it’s almost like a brownie with a little bit of that malt in the background. I love it to death.”   

Pairing Suggestion: Vanilla-style Stout

Michael's been burning Golden Band Awards like they're going out of style

Michael: Davidoff Golden Band Award 2017

“It’s just a classic, well-done Davidoff.  The Golden Band is probably the closest to their original style – it’s complex but not too heavy, and approachable for everyone to enjoy it.  The price point is also amazing.  For someone that wants to dabble in Davidoff aside from their core line, the Golden Band is a great intermediate cigar.  It’s a great cigar for the new guy, yet a well-balanced and complex cigar for the guys that smoke a lot.  If you’re a fan of Davidoff, you’ll instantly recognize why you like this cigar.”

Pairing Suggestion: Elijah Craig Red Hill Exclusive


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10/13/2019 9:35 PM
My favorite of those (although I havent had the Uno yet) is that Tabernacle. It's far more complex than the original. Probably the best new cigar I've had. The flavors are perfect for my palate, and I love that it comes in a small ring gauge Corona size. And I also agree on the drink pairing. Dry Dock Vanilla Porter and Xocoveza Stout both work very well w this one.

That Casdagli is great too, as is everything I've had from Casdagli (I still think of them as Bespoke...damn you, Alec Bradley!)