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My Experience with the Davidoff Travel Humidor

My Experience with the Davidoff Travel Humidor

When I first saw this travel humidor, I thought that it would be a great accessory for flying but probably impractical for much else. Fast forward many, many months and I'm now using this humidor exclusively when moving a handful of cigars.

Each week I load this case up and then take it to work so that I can draw from it whenever the opportunity arises. On a good week, it gets 4-5 days of use.  For mileage, I’ve been using the same boveda pack for about two and a half months now and will probably replace it in the next month or so. That’s much faster than plastic containers but to be expected considering that this doesn’t form an airtight seal.

Spoiler Alert: I like this cigar case/humidor quite a bit, but it's not for everyone. 

What I like about the Davidoff Travel Humidor

For starters, it protects my cigars! The removable insert does a great job of keeping my cigars from jostling around or rubbing together.  I haven’t done a complete stress test yet, but I’ve loaded it with cigars and then put the case in a backpack and slung it around the room for a while.  I’ve yet to see any wear and tear on my cigars from ‘normal’ daily use, and I use the word normal liberally. 

Davidoff Travel Humidor Review: Inserts

If you’re flying through a country that likes to manhandle your cigars, this is an awesome case. Unlike the large plastic travel humidors, they can’t dump everything out (so frustrating) and go nuts.  Usually security will ask you for assistance in removing them from their tray since each cigar is individually slotted.  As an added bonus, you don’t have to worry about an air release valve for the air pressure.  And if you plan on finding a steal at duty free, you can remove the cigar tray and use the humidor for boxes to keep them from drying out on lengthy flights.  

Living in the desert, the one thing that’s kept me away from other cigar cases is that traditional travel humidors are just that – they’re humidors. Cases are usually more temporary, and very few are sealed.  This Davidoff accessory is a hybrid between case and humidor, bridging the gap with the functionality of both.  The seal is formed magnetically at the opening, although it isn’t air tight like we get with plastic humidors.  I find that one 65% Boveda pack keeps my cigars around 62-63% consistently, much like I’d expect with a wooden humidor.   

Davidoff Travel Humidor Review: Accessory Pockets

And I’ve got to say it - the fit and finish of this case is amazing in person. I’m the only person that smokes in my office, but every time someone sees this humidor in my drawer they want to touch and even smell it.  If you’re curious, the inside has a new car smell.  Oh yeah, two pockets are also hidden underneath the flap that can hold a cutter, lighter, and foldable stand so that the only thing you need to carry is this accessory. 

Pros Summary:

  • Looks and feels like Davidoff
  • Keeps cigars safe from crushing and/or dehydration
  • Has a separate compartment for cutting/lighting tools
  • Very easy to fly with
  • It sits upright perfectly next to your chair

What I dislike about the Davidoff Travel Humidor

Once again, this cigar case falls in between the case and humidor design. Whereas most cases are smaller and are meant to be hand-carried, this Davidoff Travel Humidor features a curved handle of sorts for easy carry.  But as nice and effortless as the grip is, the size of this case makes me wish that it came with a shoulder strap.  It even looks like something that you’d sling.

Davidoff Travel Humidor Review: No Sling

In order to cushion the cargo inside, only eight cigars are afforded the opportunity to ride the Davidoff Express. Sometimes this case feels like having all the safety features of an SUV stuffed into a Smart Car… it gets a little cramped.  And if you like larger ring gauge cigars, you’ll be hard-pressed to fit six or seven into the tray.  But if you enjoy skinny, short cigars, you might could get creative and double up on occupancy. Either way, eight is an interesting choice of cigar count.  Remember how fun it is to fly with this cigar case?  Short getaways only!

Davidoff Travel Humidor Review

The same flap that gives us the seal and handle can be a nuisance for some. Rather than unlatching or unzipping, you have to reach into the pouch for this cigar case.  A lot of the charm and elegance of this humidor is lost in the process of using it.  If you’re looking for the smoothest entry and exit of your cigars, this probably isn’t the travel humidor for you. 

Cons Summary

  • No strap
  • Only holds 8 cigars, less if you smoke larger ring gauges
  • The accessory pockets are too small for larger tools

Have you used this travel humidor?  If so, we'd love to hear your thoughts!

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7/15/2018 4:01 PM
This, plus the St DuPont mini lighter and guillotine cutter- perfection!