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Coffee Break: 5 Small Cigars That Pair Exceptionally Well with Coffee

Coffee Break: 5 Small Cigars That Pair Exceptionally Well with Coffee

Sure, sure… everyone has two or more hours a day to kill with a Salomon or Lancero. Unless you don’t!  This is why we always try to take advantage of cigar and coffee pairings, those magical <45 minute coffee breaks that keep our days puffin’ along til the weekend.

Having a stockpile of small cigars that pair well with coffee is akin to having beer (or bacon for our non-alcoholic friends) in the fridge: it’s a borderline necessity for sanity. Here are some of our favorite cigars in smaller sizes paired with coffee variations that will pick you up so that you’re not down and out.   

Best Cigar and Coffee Pairings: Davidoff Sir Winston Churchill

Davidoff Winston Churchill

Inspired by and created to honor the great Sir Winston Churchill, this Davidoff would probably pair nicely with Champagne, one of his favorite pours. As luck would have it, this cigar also smokes exceptionally well with many coffee variations.

I’m particularly fond of this cigar when paired with lighter roasted, breakfast coffee. Make it Irish if you’re so inclined for the British Bulldog, or enjoy it black to compliment the creamy texture of the this cigar.

Best Cigar and Coffee Pairings: Warped Corto x46

Warped Corto x46

It’s hardly a secret that Kyle Gellis of Warped Cigars is a huge fan of espresso. He uses it to cleanse his palate while validating blends, as part of his regular morning rituals, and even inspiration it seems. Corto (meaning short) is a term often used with espresso and also refers to the petite robusto size of this cigar.

With that in mind, I almost exclusively enjoy this cigar with espresso nowadays. The medium-full bodied Corto practically begs to be matched in flavor and intensity, making espresso the perfect dancing partner. Props if you can enjoy yours with a matching Warped espresso cup!

Best Cigar and Coffee Pairings: Guardian of the Farm Rambo

Casa Fernandez Guardian of the Farm Rambo

Released in collaboration with Warped Cigars, Guardian of the Farm was created to honor the bulldogs that protect the farms and provide comfort during those long days working the fields. Each size is named after one of these Guardians, with Rambo being the latest addition to the lineup.

This size really brings the flavor, making it an excellent candidate for a latte pairing. There’s just enough excitement for both the coffee and cigar to shine, without either becoming overpowered by the other.

Best Cigar and Coffee Pairings: Bespoke Rosetta Cabinet Selection

Bespoke Rosetta Cabinet

If you like to have something sweet with your coffee, Rosetta is the perfect companion to a hot Cup of Joe. Crafted for the Swedish coffee shops, this cigar is the perfect embodiment of their fika time, whereby family and friends get together to enjoy coffee and sweet pastries.

If you really want to get into the moment, try this cigar with Kokkaffe, a Swedish boiled coffee method whereby the grounds and water are boiled together. And if you’re even more adventurous, stir an egg into the coffee grounds before adding to the boil to try Scandinavian Egg Coffee. This method reduces the bitterness of coffee and should accentuate the Rosetta experience.

Best Cigar and Coffee Pairings: Caldwell Eastern Standard Marble House

Caldwell Eastern Standard Marble House

If you’ve noticed that our Small Batch Exclusives tend to run on the small side, it’s because we thoroughly enjoy flavorful cigars that we can fit into the day without having to leave them half-smoked as tasks start to pile up. We’re also avid coffee fans!

Enter the Caldwell Eastern Standard Marble House, a tweaked blend based off of the limited edition Eastern Standard Silk Road. This cigar packs a punch, and feels right at home playing bully to a sweeter pairing. While a standard macchiato is a go-to for the Marble House at my place, a caramel macchiato would be another fine choice.


Best Cigar and Coffee Pairings: Sampler

Try our Coffee Break Sampler


Tell Us! What are YOUR favorite coffee pairings?

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6/5/2018 6:22 AM
A nice mix of good short sticks ... All should go pretty well with coffee-magic.
6/5/2018 7:45 AM
My absolute favorite stick with morning coffee is the Namakubi Papi Chulo Ecuador - unfortunately, getting tougher to find since Room 101 vanished.  Look forward to trying the Bespoke Rosetta Cabinet and some of the others you mentioned as a possible substitution.   What about the Illusione 68 Maduro as a coffee companion?
6/7/2018 1:26 AM
Good call, Phil!  Should be a great combination of body and flavor in either of the 68 series :)