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Cigars after COVID-19

Cigars after COVID-19

Happy Wednesday, folks! 

Back in December, I caught the ‘rona – like many of you last year, I’d expect. What I’d like to do in this post is list a few commonly asked questions, and then see if your experience is similar. Please drop a comment below if you’d also had COVID-19 and share your thoughts.

Has my sense of smell and taste come back? 

Nope! There was a day or two here and there when I thought that I was starting to get it back. I’d be able to tell that something was sweet, for example. Or every now and then be able to taste something from my whiskey. Once, I could tell the outside air had a foul smell to it but couldn't tell you why. But as of breakfast this morning, I couldn’t tell you if the yogurt I ate was flavored or plain. 

It's been about 50 days since I lost this ability. From what I understand, 5-10% of COVID-19 patients could take six months or longer to regain their sense of taste or smell. 

Are you still smoking cigars? 

I just started smoking again this week since I’m in a hotel (smoking room) for quarantine while traveling. It’s also a LOT warmer than the climate I just left. Lol. 

After smoking cigars for over a decade, I was shocked to find that my nicotine endurance wasn’t where it was before. Ha! Probably should have expected that one.  Luckily, it came back lightning fast. 

What are you smoking since you can’t taste anything? 

I started off with a couple of milder cigars after an unbanded surprise stick kicked my butt. After that, I’ve settled into a groove of Broadleaf cigars like the RoMa Craft CroMagnon and Dunbarton’s Umbagog. 

My thinking is that they’re more budget conscious, sure, but I’ve also enjoyed the body of these cigars even though I can’t taste the flavor profile. There’s a nice chewiness to the smoke that feels more substantial than other blends. 

I’m very curious how this will shift (or will it?) my baseline for when I can start tasting things again. I’ve always been a medium-bodied fan in the past, finding it the perfect balance of bang for your buck in the flavor department. If I smoke a ton of Broadleaf during this time, will I be shifting my preference to stronger cigars? Or – since I can’t taste, will I return to favoring medium cigars once I regain all of my senses?  

I remember talking to Andrew a while back, and he mentioned that he smoked Atabey almost exclusively for a couple weeks and how it affected his baseline. Once I know more about my current situation, I’ll write it all up for some anecdotal evidence. 

Weird Observations

I cannot even begin to explain how silly not being able to taste or smell makes you feel! I still bring my coffee up and go through the ritual of smelling it even though I know I can’t. And oddly enough, sometimes I burn my tongue like you wouldn’t believe because I think the coffee somehow isn’t hot since I can’t smell it. Crazy!

I couldn’t tell you if I’m smoking too fast or not these days, because I can’t taste it. But if I were smoking too quick, I wouldn’t really care since I my perception of the flavor wouldn’t be impacted. I think I smoke slower, though, all things considered. If someone did care about speed in this state, they could always use their fingers to monitor the heat above the burn line.  

I’ve also noticed that I can still experience spicy foods, but a peppery cigar doesn’t have any kick to it right now. I’ll definitely have to spend some time educating myself on how that mechanic works. 

That’s it from me! Would love to hear your thoughts and experiences if you had COVID-19 as well. Did you lose your sense of smell, has it come back? Are you still smoking cigars these days? 

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2/17/2021 6:47 AM
I lost my sense of taste and smell for 24-hours but that was it. I still smoke cigars but now maybe only once a week. Hope your palate returns soon!
2/17/2021 1:44 PM
I’m glad you posted your experience, and hope that you keep us up to date on how it’s going. I was sure that many a cigar smoker had been affected by this, but no one seems to be talking about it.
I caught the Rona back in the middle of December, and lost 100% of my smell and taste. I remember how depressed I felt when I stuck my face into a ziplock bag full of cooked bacon and couldn’t smell anything—not even a hint. Anyway, after about three weeks things began to return at a snell’s pace. I think I’m about 85% now after two months. Seems like the increments of progress are week to week. As far as cigars are concerned, I try to smoke one daily. Right now, toasty notes are what I’m picking up best of all, so broadleaf is really good. I’m struggling with the sweet notes. I used to like spicy sticks, but now I’m sensitive to pepper, and it overpowers all the other flavors. I go around the house and smell random items throughout the day—kinda like exercising an atrophied muscle. It seems to help. I remember vanilla was the very first scent I detected. Best of luck. I Hope something here helps.
2/17/2021 2:25 PM
Glad your senses are on track to return or have returned guys! Interesting take on the atrophied muscle idea, I'll be doing the same! I can imagine that smell associations are wonky after so long without it.

Thanks for the suggestion!