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Cigar of the Week: Patina Connecticut

Cigar of the Week: Patina Connecticut

Mo Maali of Patina Cigars and I have been friends since the Sultans of Smoke podcast. And every time I look at the Patina band, I’m thrilled that someone with such a good heart is making it in this business.  He really is living the dream, and I’m glad that his cigars are in mine.

I’ll never forget the first time that I smoked the Patina Connecticut. 

For starters, as anticipated of a release as this was, Mo kept his mouth pretty sealed about what his upcoming brand was all about.  Imagine podcasting with a guy that wouldn’t tell you or the world all the cool stuff he’s creating and doing.  That’s like being on the airplane next to Bill Murray and, as soon as you sit down, he drops the sleep mask and turns on his headphones.

All we got out of him was that it was produced at Mombacho Cigars’ Casa Favili, and that it was a “Connecticut with Balls.”  I’m capitalizing the B because that’s how he says it.

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There I was, hearing about these ballsy Connecticuts, and I wanted one.  Bad!  But I was in Kuwait at the time and had to wait for delayed APO shipping.  And then I get to hear about everyone else’s experience with the big, bad, ballsy Connecticut.

So you can imagine my surprise when I lit up the Patina Connecticut Churchill and was greeted with a silky smooth cream machine that showcased the elegance of Davidoff with a bit more body and tone.

Then I recalled how he said that he blended each size to be unique, and we talked about how drastic of a change it was.  Later, I would smoke the Patina Connecticut Robusto and again be blown away.  Having been fully prepared for a strong Connecticut, I still couldn’t anticipate how this cigar would masterfully weave pepper and sweeter tasting notes together.  Like the perfect balance of contrasting flavors.

Fast forward to today, and I’m smoking an original release Patina Connecticut Robusto.  While it does bring back many fond memories of Mo, Drew, and Rich from the SOS podcast, it’s not quite the cigar that I remember.

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The peppery kick to the teeth?  It’s been replaced with layered impressions of cedar, soft leather, and brown sugar.  There’s a harmony to the flavors that only time can bring, and it’s made the entire experienced more… luxurious? Eventually hints of fruit, graham cracker, and floral notes worked their way into the profile.

I went into this Robusto looking for a street brawler and ended up smoking something that’s classy and refined.  Finesse when I expected grit.  Not that I’m complaining!  It’s just curious how fast time flies; seems like it was just yesterday that I put these into the humidor.

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If you haven’t given Patina a chance yet, I’d highly recommend that you do!  Mo and MOmbacho (it’s in the name!) have been doing great things lately and deserve a shot at earning their way into your humidor.

If you’re normally a Connecticut smoker, I’d suggest looking into the Double Toro and Churchill sizes.  The Churchill in particular is one of my favorite cigars that I’ve been waiting on better weather to enjoy.  I could call it an Underdog because of how few people have it on their radar yet, but I’d be lying.  It’s a Champion that’s chewing up higher priced legacies and turning heads.  

If you normally shy away from Connies, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the Robusto!  Mo might not have been the first to put a V8 underneath the hood of an unassuming Connecticut wrapper, but he’s done it in a way that only a debut release can – because no one told him he couldn’t.  Or, at least he didn’t listen when they did.  There's a little somethin' inside this stick for everyone. 

Tell Us!  What are YOUR thoughts on the Patina Connecticut?

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