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BLIND Davidoff 702 Series 2000 Review

BLIND Davidoff 702 Series 2000 Review

The story goes that the Master Blenders at Davidoff recreated some of their most iconic cigars and sizes in the new 702 Series. This time, however, they would use an exclusive Ecuadorian Hybrid wrapper consisting of three unique Cuban seeds instead of an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper.  This wrapper is aptly called the Ecuadorian 702 and has previously appeared in other Davidoff cigars such as the Year of the Snake.

Davidoff 702 Series 2000 Review: Pre-light inspection

Wrapper:  Ecuadorian Hybrid (Ecuadorian 702)

Binder: Dominican Republic

Filler:  Dominican Republic

Vitola: 2000 (5 1/16 x 43)

Factory: Cigars Davidoff (CiDAV)

Production: Regular Production

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Davidoff 702 Series 2000 Review: the first third

Davidoff 702 Series 2000 Review: Wisconsin

Summary: This cigar starts with bready, thick smoke with several clear flavors: dark chocolate, brown sugar, oak, nuts, and light pepper on the finish. The smoke is ample and thick in the mouth. It continues by adding creaminess and sweetness, and additional spice on the finish. Between the flavors and the thickness of the smoke, it reminds me of drinking hot chocolate. 

Burn and draw were right on; no issues with construction.

In the second half, the cigar picks up almond and coffee notes, as well as just a bit of cedar. Pepper and spice remain in a nice balance with the rest of the flavors. The tasting notes move through this smoke like a carousel, with each taking its turn at the forefront and then moving on to the next one. I enjoyed every minute of this cigar. 

If You Like That, You Might Like This: Chocolate, hot chocolate, thick smoke

Pairing Suggestion: Keep it simple with coffee or water. 

Purchase Recommendation to a Friend: I'd recommend a box of these. Delicious and well-made. 

Davidoff 702 Series 2000 Review: the second third

Davidoff 702 Series 2000 Review: Oregon

Summary: This appears to be a well constructed, relatively quick smoke.  5 1/2 x 46 is my guess so I'm planning on about an hour of smoke.  The cigar is firm and has some hay, cinnamon and a very mild cereal scent from the wrapper.

Leather and... bread pudding to begin?  Stay with me and think about a bread note followed by light cinnamon with a creaminess to it. There's also just a touch of sweetness. The retrohale is smooth with just a touch of heat.  It's producing a decent amount of smoke with a straight burn and dark-gray ash. Long in the finish, a mild green apple note appears to add some opposing complexity to the sweetness I mentioned earlier.

Everything above disappears at the midway point and I am picking up some saltiness on my palate.  All of the flavors are very muted and become swirled together without distinction.  Additionally, some bitterness wafts in.  

If You Like That, You Might Like This: If you like this you might like dessert for breakfast.  This cigar offered up it's best up front and limped through the last half. 

Pairing Suggestion: I'd pair this with a sweet rum.  I think it would make the first half amazing and just possibly make the last half salvageable.

Purchase Recommendation to a Friend: With just a bit of apprehension, I'd still recommend this as a fiver.  Try five of your favorite pairings and see if you find a winner.  

Davidoff 702 Series 2000 Review: the final third

Davidoff 702 Series 2000 Review: California 

Summary: Pre-light gives me nacho cheese Doritos.  Checked it five times just to make sure. First few puffs and I'm in love: pepper, cedar, hickory sauce, and a caramel sweetness. This stick is pretty small but it's putting out MASSIVE amounts of smoke.  A little bit of chocolate is sneaking in now. 

Only an inch down and the ash looks unstable so I'm gonna tap that ash. Can't complain when I'm enjoying the flavors this much though. Getting a lot more woodsy now. 

Into the second third and the predominant flavors are wood and pepper with a slight fresh-out-of-the-fryer doughnut sweetness.  Not as complex as before but I'm still 100% enjoying it. Burn has been wavy so I've made a few burn corrects.  Strength feels like a medium + but I haven't had lunch yet so that could be why. 

Entering the final third. If I were driving I'd have to turn off my high beams because of the insane amount of smoke this thing is still putting out. Finishing up, no bitterness but the strength is up there. 

If You Like That, You Might Like This: You'll like this if you think Zeke should be allowed to play the entire season (Cowboys will still take the championship regardless). 

Pairing Suggestion: I'd pair this with a carne asada burrito. Maybe I'm just hungry but that sounds like a bomb combo to me. 

Purchase Recommendation to a Friend: Box purchase. 

Participants in this blind review were completely unaware of the cigar they were evaluating until all submissions were received and processed. Each participant was asked to answer a summary paragraph, an if/than statement, a pairing suggestion, and a purchase suggestion.  Cigars were provided by Small Batch with only the expectations of candid responses.  All pictures, information, and formatting were completed by a Coordinator outside of the reviewing process.


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