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BLIND Oliva Serie V Review

BLIND Oliva Serie V Review

Wrapper: Habano Sun Grown

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Jalapa Valley Ligero

Vitola: Torpedo (6 x 56)

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Oliva Serie V Review by Small Batch 


Summary: Kicking off with salty peanut butter and oak.  There's a honey sweetness that I'm getting on the lips and finish, though not in a flavored wrapper kind of way.  Holy cowhide!  This stick just went full-on leather.  I know I mentioned saltiness in the beginning, but pepper is currently dominating the retrohale.  There's a chewiness to the mouthfeel that allows the flavors to linger.  If you gave Bob Ross two shades of gray and told him to paint the first third, it would look like this masterpiece. 

Beginning the second third before tapping the ash.  The pepper bite has subsided leaving chocolate and leather.  Oak is back from vacay.

Final third is mostly leather.  To clarify, it's like a nice leather jacket rather than a shoe or couch if that makes any sense.  Finished this stick and only ashed it once.  Solid.  Thicc.  Tight.

If You Like That, You Might Like This: Cowboy hats.

Pairing Suggestion: Stout.

Purchase Recommendation to a Friend: Fiver. 

Blind Cigar Reviews by Small Batch


Summary: I like it, I love it, I want some more of it.

This cigar brought cocoa, pepper, hay, chocolate, spice, grass, caramel, salt, floral, an interesting mushroom note, and added vegetal flavors on the finish. If those don't sound like they go well together, you should smoke this cigar. Because they were beautifully balanced and delicious. I'd smoke this cigar any day of the week.

The burn and draw were flawless. Ash was very tight and held on for longer than it had a right to.

If You Like That, You Might Like This: Cocoa Krispies.

Pairing Suggestion: Rum.

Purchase Recommendation to a Friend: Box. 

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Summary: This dark brown Belicoso cigar has a little tooth on the wrapper and a chalky leather cold draw.

Nearly burnt raisin bread, espresso, a bit of dark chocolate and a tingle of pepper all show up for the start.  There’s more than a tingle of pepper in the retrohale.  If you’re interested, I’d deem it white pepper spice.  

Nearing halfway, the flavors have transitioned quite a bit.  Espresso has moved far to the back of the profile with sweet cedar, more pronounced pepper spice and a hint of raisin.  Retrohaling the smoke is still spicy, but smooth.  Performance issues are null... but I’m wishing for a little more smoke.

Heading to the finish, charred cedar, bitter coffee and a touch of floral sweetness build the flavor list.  Pepper has dropped completely out of the picture.

If You Like That, You Might Like This: Texas Holdem with the boys.

Pairing Suggestion: Root beer or a brown ale.

Purchase Recommendation to a Friend: 5 Pack.


Participants in this blind review were completely unaware of the cigar they were evaluating until all submissions were received and processed. Each participant was asked to answer a summary paragraph, an if/than statement, a pairing suggestion, and a purchase suggestion. Cigars were provided by Small Batch with only the expectations of candid responses. All pictures, information, and formatting were completed by a Coordinator outside of the reviewing process. 

Oliva Serie V Review

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