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BLIND Davidoff White Knight Review

BLIND Davidoff White Knight Review

Wrapper: Ecuadorian

Binder: Negro San Andres

Filler: Dominican, Nicaraguan, Peruvian

Vitola: Robusto (5 x 52)

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Davidoff White Knight Review


Summary:  Beautiful looking stick.  Starting out with cedar and Darth Maul pepper (red and black).  Barely got going and it went out on me.  A chewy nuttiness and cherry sweetness show up after the relight.

Entering the second third, this stick keeps jumping between waffle notes and something sweet that I'm struggling to place.  The burn requires a few minor touch-ups.  Mushrooms and walnut pie.

Final third.  Cardamom and nuttiness. Good flavors, but occasionally bland. 

If You Like That, You Might Like This:  Walking through sand. 

Pairing Suggestion:  Coffee.

Purchase Recommendation to a Friend:  Fiver.


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Summary:  If I were to pick one word to describe this cigar, that word would be 'underfilled'. The draw was quite loose, it had a ton of give on the sides, and it burned too quickly because of that underfilling. 

Which was disappointing, since there were hints of good flavors in there - nuts, pepper, a light sweetness, chocolate, hay, cedar, caramel. But those flavors were joined by a dry harshness because of the construction oddities.

The smoke output sure was tremendous, though. I'm interested to hear the other guys' experiences on this one. I'm curious if I got one of those 'oops, this is a hand-rolled product' scenarios, or if this is the way this cigar is.

If You Like That, You Might Like This:  Extra-large novelty straws.

Pairing Suggestion:  Lager.

Purchase Recommendation to a Friend:  Single.


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Summary:  This is cigar looks nicely constructed.  Well-hidden seams and the cap application is flawless.  The cold draw is loose and really only offers a flavor equating to Wheat Chex cereal and mild tobacco.

Initially I’d have to say cocoa with chopped chilies is the order of business.  The pepper spice isn’t overbearing but I can feel it tingle on the palate and tongue.  The cocoa is quickly fleeting, and black coffee notes overtake it.  Now, in retro hale... holy heater Batman... it means business.  The pepper spice is sinus clearing for me.  Wow.  There’s also coffee with sweet cream, some fresh bread notes and a baking spice I’ll have to nail down because it’s escaping me.

I also experience a “first”. I’ve never seen a hole in an ash.  I wish I could attach a photo.  The wrapper there was flawless... the ash looks like a toothpick went through it.  Strange. 

As the pepper spices takes a chill pill, there’s a nice touch of mild sweetness moving in along with cedar, mild coffee, earth notes, and some nutmeg.  The burn has a mind of its own, but I just don’t care and let it do its thing.  Side note, I used a V-cut on this cigar.  If I smoked it again, I’d punch cut it.  It has a very loose draw and I’m guessing a single punch would create the perfect resistance for many smokers.

Final tasting notes include toast, cedar, a mild note of apple ...ok.... baking spices and a mild pepper finish.  Quite nice.  This cigar is confusing... I mean, for me there was no WOW factor, yet I find myself thinking this could be a regular stick in my rotation.  The burn wasn’t perfect, the smoke was. Spoiler... almost wanna go box on this one.

If You Like That, You Might Like This:  Finding a gem while rotating the humidor stock.

Pairing Suggestion:  Nitro cold brew... or a Baileys on ice.

Purchase Recommendation to a Friend:  Fiver.


Participants in this blind review were completely unaware of the cigar they were evaluating until all submissions were received and processed. Each participant was asked to answer a summary paragraph, an if/than statement, a pairing suggestion, and a purchase suggestion. Cigars were provided by Small Batch with only the expectations of candid responses. All pictures, information, and formatting were completed by a Coordinator outside of the reviewing process. 


Davidoff White Knight Review


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