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BLIND ADVentura Royal Return King's Gold Review

BLIND ADVentura Royal Return King's Gold Review

Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf

Binder: Mexican

Filler: Dominican, Nicaraguan, American

Vitola: Toro (6 x 54)

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ADVentura King's Gold Review


Summary:  This maduro-wrapped cigar has some weight to it—packed to perfection.  Lighting up, the first flavors out of the gate are vegetal earth, dried fruit, and chocolate.  There’s a fleeting mineral note here and there, but it actually works with the berry sweetness that’s now moving to the forefront.  The flaky ash looks decrepit, like I’m sucking the life out of it.  That’s weird I guess, but I expected the ash to be…chunkier.  Nuttiness joins the berries at the front of the line; hold on to your socks, it’s peanut butter jelly time!  Is this the H99?  Because the smoke output is legit (smoked one two weeks ago). 

Halfway through and the strength is ramping up.  Coffee and chocolate.  If this smoke comes in a shorter size, I’d prefer that because this is definitely a time commitment. 

If You Like That, You Might Like This: A fully stocked beer fridge. 

Pairing Suggestion: Rum with a peach wedge.

Purchase Recommendation to a Friend: Box.


Adventura King's Gold Review



Summary: This cigar gave me flavors of chocolate, earth, walnut, creaminess, a growing amount of wood, BBQ meat, and a peppery finish.

The draw and burn were both quite good. The burn was on the slower side.

Overall, an enjoyable cigar with a lot to like about it.

If You Like That, You Might Like This: S’mores

Pairing Suggestion: Bourbon.

Purchase Recommendation to a Friend: Five pack.


King's Gold Review by Adventura



Summary: The wrapper on this weeks cigar is dark and toothy, just like that Doberman that used to live next-door to me when I was a kid. I wonder whatever happened to that dog? I guarantee it didn’t die of friendliness. The cold draw on the cigar tastes like rich tobacco, tart cherry and just a little bit of barnyard. 

The first portion features sharp oak notes, raw almonds, rich tobacco and cocoa powder. The retro hale is a bit spicy but carries a nice blend of wood, leather and a mild floral note as well.

Middle of this stick has more savory notes.  I’m tasting grilled meat, raisin, milder wood notes and a touch of white pepper spice as well.  It’s also earning high marks for a sharp burn, solid ash and billowy smoke.

Final section still burning good and producing good smoke.  The flavors have gathered some harshness though.  The tobacco flavors are a little bitter and the wood notes have a distinct sharpness to them.  There are still some nice raisin notes along with savory meat, it’s just not measuring up to the first two thirds.

If You Like That, You Might Like This: Ordering Street tacos…served with slimy tomatoes.

Pairing Suggestion: Guinness.

Purchase Recommendation to a Friend: Five pack.


Participants in this blind review were completely unaware of the cigar they were evaluating until all submissions were received and processed. Each participant was asked to answer a summary paragraph, an if/than statement, a pairing suggestion, and a purchase suggestion. Cigars were provided by Small Batch with only the expectations of candid responses. All pictures, information, and formatting were completed by a Coordinator outside of the reviewing process. 


Adventura Royal Return King's Gold Review


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6/12/2021 9:23 AM
I should have jumped on the sampler when it was available.
6/13/2021 5:39 AM
Hi Stephen, we just received the Corona size as well :D

Might be worth a shot since the others are currently sold out