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5 Strong Cigars That Will Certify You as a Badass

5 Strong Cigars That Will Certify You as a Badass

Whether you’re looking for a companion to stout drinks or a cigar to test your mettle, we’ve compiled the ultimate list of regular production cigars that will kick your ass!

Note: Due to availability, some of these cigars may change in the actual sampler. Please visit the sampler page at the bottom for more details.

#5 Strong Cigars: Caldwell The Last Tsar 


Strong Cigars: Caldwell The Last Tsar



When you think of the world’s strongest cigars, the Caldwell Collection probably doesn’t come to mind. But The Last Tsar is too strong for even Robert Caldwell and packs quite a punch.

Using a Hybrid Brazilian Arapiraca wrapper, The Last Tsar aggressively pushes the envelope without crossing the line. 

Pairing Suggestion:  We recommend a healthy pour of Eagle Rare with this knock-out cigar.

#4 Strong Cigars: LFD Double Ligero 


Strong Cigars: LFD Double Ligero



La Flor Dominicana produces some of the world’s strongest cigars with the softest touches. Upon lighting the Double Ligero for the first time, you’d swear that it fits right in line with Dominican tradition: smooth, mild-medium bodied, and an easy smoke. 

And you’d be right, until the Ligero kicks in and sucker punches you right in the gut! If the Double Ligero were a boxer, it’d embody the grace and power of Muhammad Ali.

Pairing Suggestion:  We recommend the Dalwhinnie 15 year for a double helping of Smooth Operators.

#3 Strong Cigars: Tatuaje Fausto


Strong Cigars: Tatuaje Fausto



The story goes that this cigar was modeled after the T110, an infamous cigar from Tatuaje’s past whereby the T stood for Thermonuclear.  When told that this cigar made several people throw up while smoking it, Tat fans lined up to try this limited edition.

Fausto is a regular production version of the T110, using the same blend consisting solely of ligero – a feat that’s harder to achieve than it sounds since ligero burns slower with higher octane.  

Pairing Suggestion:  We recommend a glass of Hudson Baby Bourbon Whiskey to contrast the profile with natural sweetness.

#2 Strong Cigars: RoMa Craft Neanderthal

Strong Cigars: RoMa Craft Neanderthal

Note: Due to availability of the Neanderthal, the exact vitola in the sampler below may change

What do you get when you combine Pennsylvania Double Ligero (twice as strong as Esteli ligero) and Skip Martin? The aptly named Neanderthal: one of the world’s strongest cigars.

This cigar isn’t just strong; it’s also well balanced with a rich flavor profile. If the Neanderthal were to enter a fitness competition, it’d be the Cross Fit Games where strength, endurance, and balance are equally weighted. 

Pairing Suggestion:  We recommend settling down with Four Roses Single Barrel to tame this beast.

#1 Strong Cigar: Dunbarton Todos Las Dias 


Strong Cigars: Dunbarton Todos Las Dias


We’ve written about the Todos Las Dias Half Churchill before, but make no mistake: the Robusto keeps turning the dial until it breaks, giving any man or woman the ultimate test of internal fortitude.  

Steve Saka ushered in a new era with Todos Las Dias, one in which the full-bodied and full strength spectrum had to be recreated to make sense of such a cigar. This one isn’t for the faint of heart.

Pairing Suggestion:  We recommend that you pair this heavyweight title match with George T Stagg and fight fire with fire.


The Worlds Strongest Cigars Sampler


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11/2/2017 9:30 AM
Don't forget the tat monster/Krueger, a very very full smoke.
11/3/2017 10:11 AM
Awesome...simply awesome
11/5/2017 7:00 PM
What are you waiting for?
11/9/2017 12:50 AM
I love strong cigars; yet I will not sacrifice taste for strength. It's the habanero principle: if you use habaneros in your chile, you don't do it for heat, but instead for the unique mango-like flavors that only habaneros provide. The heat is just the frame.
That said, I almost always smoke on an empty stomach, and in the past that's meant 5 cigars a day, mostly before eating. And only certain cigars have made me put them down for an half-hour, mostly those not mentioned when discussing strength (which is why I'm writing this). A quick grouping of three:
     1) Padrón 1964 Imperial;
     2) Joya de Nicaragua Antaño 1970 Machito;
     3) AJ Fernandez' New World Gobernador.
I've also smoked lots of the traditional "strong" sticks listed above, and I appreciate them for the flavor they produce as much as for the strength they impart. To accompany the three I've mentioned, the following three are the strong" cigars I've smoked & loved the tastes of:
11/9/2017 12:55 AM
1) La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero DL-600 Maduro;
2) Fuente Opus X FF Double Robusto;
3) Padrón 1964 Anniversary Superior;
4) Warped Corto x46;
5) Ezra Zion Tantrum.
(Yes, there are five instead of three. It'd be good if the two comments I've left could be coordinated as one).
11/9/2017 7:06 AM
Brilliant article. So why no sampler???

And your booze recommendations are are on point except for the Hudson. Possibly the worst, most overpriced Bourbon in the world. It gives craft spirits a bad name. Oh, the humanity!

11/9/2017 7:07 AM
I just saw you do have a sampler. DOH!!!