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14 Outstanding Boutique Cigars To Smoke Right Now

14 Boutique Cigars to Smoke Right Now


Even if you’re not a cigar aficionado, most people assume that cuban cigars are the gold standard. However, they can be hard to come by and cost a pretty penny (and not to mention illegal in the United States). There’s good news, though. You don’t have to travel across the world to get an exceptional cigar – there are boutique cigar companies with stogies that rival the Cuban experience. To show you what we mean, here are 14 boutique cigars you can try right now and get your fill.


  1. Benediction by Black Label Trading Co.


Black Label Trading Company’s Benediction is an embodiment of everything the company does right. The company’s owner James Brown even likes to start his morning with one of these stogies. If you’re looking for a cigar with a medium body with hints of sweetness and citrus, the Benediction will have you covered.


  1. Killer Bee Green Hornet by Blk Wks Studio


As the name implies, the Killer Bee Green Hornet packs a sting. This cigar was originally only an event only release, but began being mass produced due to its popularity. You’ll get a bit of spiciness and a whole lot of bold flavor with this cigar.


  1. Caldwell Eastern Standard Marble House


Need a new coffee cigar? Caldwell’s Eastern Standard Marble House might just fit the bill for your. These smaller cigars pack a lot of flavor, giving you everything from bits of pepper to cream and cocoa. Can’t think of a better way to start your day.


  1. Chogui Dos77 Longsdale


With the success of the Dos77 Rogusto, Chogui saw an opportunity to release a larger size in the series and we’re so glad they did. For smokers who enjoy a longer cigar that burns easily and quickly goes from sweet to meaty, you can’t go wrong with the Dos77 Longsdale.


  1. Cornelius Corona Gorda by Cornelius & Anthony


With an Ecuadorian binder and wrapper as well as a Nicaraguan filler, the Cornelius Corona Gorda has a classic feel – and we’re not just saying that because the box features a man wearing a bowler hat. It’s a smooth smoke, keeping a consistent flavor from the second third onward.


  1. Charter Oak by Foundation Cigar


Foundation Cigar’s Charter Oak line is a great way to get a premium cigar at an affordable price. The sentimentality that comes with this cigar isn’t just from his bold, consistent-throughout-flavor. The line is a tribute to the grandfather of Foundation’s president, Nick Melillo, who smoked exclusively broadleaf cigars while working at an arms factory during World War II.


  1. Four Kicks Mule Kick by Crowned Heads


Here’s another great cigar that started as a limited release. You may remember the original Four Kicks cigars, but the Mule Kick builds off of its predecessor by using a darker Ecuadorian wrapper to make for an even bolder and fuller experience.


  1. Illusione Fume D’Amour Clementes


These stogies got a 95 rating from Cigar Aficionado – coming in at number three on their top cigars of the year for 2014. And for good reason! The stars aligned for this cigar with a strong crop of tobacco and a cigar retailer with the right ambition to get the fullest flavor.


  1. L’Atteier Identite Melange Special No. 1


How do you identify the Identite? It’s all in the tobacco. This cigar uses Sancti Spiritus, a hybrid tobacco grown by the Garcia family in Nicaragua. Needless to say, you won’t find much else that tastes like this L’Atteier stogie.


  1. Matilde Oscura


Matilde is still a relative newcomer to the cigar game, debuting in 2013, but they’re already leaving lasting impressions with their impressive lines of cigars. Aside from their refined flavor, these cigars look so stunning that you might not want to even smoke it. But you should. They’re incredible.


  1. Aquitaine by RoMa Craft


If you want something that leans towards spice, the Aquitaine line is for you. The habano ligeiro wrapper with the Cameroon filler is nothing to scoff at. You’ll get a deeper smoke than other cigars in the RoMa Craft family, but still have a nice and clean finish. What more could you ask for?


  1. Negociant by Tatuaje


While sold as a Tatuaje, the Negociant is actually a collaboration between the company and L’Atelier. This is like The Avengers of boutique cigar companies. While it doesn’t containe L’Atelier’s signature Sancti Spiritus tobacco, the combination of Mexican and Nicaraguan binders as well as the Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper makes this a complex and compelling smoke.


  1. Zombie Antidote by Viaje


Zombies are everywhere lately, from our movies and TV shows to books and comics. Now they’re infecting our cigars and, well, we’re totally welcome to it. Viaje’s Zombie Antidote would be great with or without the fun and vibrant zombie-themed packaging. Much like an actual zombie bite, the first few puffs may catch you off guard with how strong and sharp they are. However, once you settle in you’re treated to a peppery, earthy experience.


  1. Villa Sombra by Warped


Warped is known for producing some exquisite cigars and the Villa Sombra lives up to the hype. It’s an easy draw, full of complex flavors that will keep you guessing from the initial smell to throughout the last third. You may even catch some notes of strawberry!




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