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Small Batch Cigar Exclusives

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Claude's Treats

Production: 120 Bundles of 10

Tasting Notes: Hay, Dark Chocolate, Hawaiian Sweet Rolls, Oak, Mild Pepper

Intensity: Medium

From $54.95 IN STOCK

Daughters of the Wind Pony Express

Limited Edition Small Batch Cigar Exclusive

Tasting Notes: Pepper, Rye Toast, Baking Spices, Cream, Finished Leather, Cocoa

Intensity: Medium-Full

From $67.96 OUT OF STOCK

Daughters of the Wind Pyramide Small Batch Exclusive

Small Batch Cigar Exclusive 2013 Aged!
From $80.00 OUT OF STOCK

Davidoff Maxamar White Knight Exclusive

Body: Med-Full

Strength: Med-Full

Tasting Notes: Davidoff Hay, Dark Chocolate, Cedar, Espresso, Buttered Croissants, subtle nuances of Honey, Sourdough Bread, and Dried Fruit

From $63.00 OUT OF STOCK

Eastern Standard Marble House

2019 Release
From $42.00 IN STOCK

Graycliff White Knight Cazadores - Pack of 5

Small Batch Shop Exclusive!
$55.00 IN STOCK

Guardian of the Farm Claude Le Chien 5th Birthday Edition

Limited Edition Small Batch Exclusive!

Tasting Notes: Tangy Earth, Leather, Floral, Spice, Citrus

Intensity: Medium-Full

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From $39.95 OUT OF STOCK

Herrera Esteli Inktome

Tasting Notes: Pepper, Chocolate, Brown Sugar, Cream, Leather, Woods

Intensity: Full

From $54.95 IN STOCK

Herrera Esteli Inktome Exception

The second release in the exclusive Small Batch Cigar Inktome series. Using the Norteno flat box press cigar mold in a 6 x 46 Corona Gorda.

Tasting Notes: Earth, Pepper, Coca-Cola, Leather, Molasses

Intensity: Medium

From $39.95 IN STOCK

HVC LA ROSA 520 Maduro Short Robusto

Small Batch Cigar Exclusive

Tasting Notes: Pepper, Funky Earth, Molasses, French Bread

From $50.00 OUT OF STOCK

La Colmena Reina by Warped Cigars

For 2018 Reina has been banded! Tasting Notes: Cream, Honey, Cedar, Pepper, Graham Cracker, Dried Fruit, Nuts
From $82.50 OUT OF STOCK

Long Live The King Harem

From $44.10 IN STOCK

Long Live The King The Crowning

Small Batch Cigar Exclusive!
From $50.00 OUT OF STOCK

Quesada 40th Petite Belicoso Clasica

Tasting Notes: Cream, Leather, Cedar, Nuts, Espresso, Bread

Intensity: Mild-Medium

From $69.00 IN STOCK

Small Batch Cigar Exclusives Sampler

Pack of 10 (Updated)
$121.10 OUT OF STOCK

The King Is Dead Sleeping Beauty

Small Batch Exclusive

Tasting Notes: Earth, Whoppers Candy, Dried Fruit, Baker's Cocoa, Mocha

Body: Medium


From $55.00 IN STOCK

Viaje WLP Claudenstein

Small Batch Cigar Exclusive

Tasting Notes: Cream, Cocoa, Oak, Espresso, Mild Pepper, Baking Spices

Intensity: Medium

From $59.95 IN STOCK