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Pier 28

Pier 28 is yet another exciting cigar venture coming out of California!  Tim Wong, a Cigar Rep and consumer, reached out to Erik Espinosa years ago to work on his dream of launching a cigar brand. 

For most of the last year, cigar enthusiasts across the nation were blind to the West Coast's best kept secret.  Pier 28 was previously only available to Tim's territory but have recently been made available nationwide through SmallBatchCigar.com.  You can read more from our interview with Tim here.

Habano Smoking Experience:

Body:  Full

Strength:  Medium

Tasting Notes:  Cedar, Tea, Pepper, Cream, Bread, Citrus, Fruit

Maduro Smoking Experience:

Body:  Full

Strength:  Medium-Full

Tasting Notes:  Chocolate, Pepper, Cream, Earth, Coffee

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