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Lost and Found Sampler

This sampler features a single stick from each current release from Lost & Found. More information below
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Lost and Found Sampler

1 x Scooby Snax

1 x Swedish Delight

1 x Paradise Lost

1 x Pepper Cream Soda

1 x One Night Stand 


Scooby Snax: "Scooby Snax are super small release drops. Odds and ends that we think are amazing and want to share, but such small quantities that we can’t release them nationally. Find them and enjoy." - Lost & Found

Swedish Delight: 1st third starts with a light wood note, followed by white pepper spice and finishes with a smooth cream note. 2nd third gets added notes of white bread and sweet spices. - Andre Dias Review

Paradise Lost: The 1/2 way point comes at 25 minutes just adding a subtly slightly sweet baking spice to the draw.  Construction is flawless.  The last third comes up to a medium-full body with the wood going to a deeper oakiness, and the nutmeg more pronounced before the pepper takes over. - Cigar Obsession

Pepper Cream Soda: The original Lost & Found release from almost seven years ago! "These cigars are a limited production of very well aged cigars that Caldwell found while traveling through the Dominican Republic. I found them fascinating and we decided to share them with you. There is a very small quantity of them so enjoy them while they’re around." - Tony Bellato

One Night Stand: Another one of the freshman Lost & Found releases, One Night Stand is a medium-bodied Corojo puro that's been patiently aging for a long, long time before making it's way to Small Batch HQ for your enjoyment. 

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