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La Aurora Treasure Box

Box of 6
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1 x  La Aurora Preferidos Emerald Tubo - Sun Grown
1 x La Aurora Preferidos Gold Tubo - Corojo
1 x La Aurora Preferidos Ruby Tubo - Maduro
1 x La Aurora Preferidos Sapphire Tubo - Connecticut
1 x La Aurora Preferidos Platinum Tubos - Cameroon
1 x La Aurora Preferidos Black Tubos - Broadleaf


With the 1903 Edition, La Aurora goes back to the original “doble figurado” size (5×54) of the cigars made in the beginning, more tan 112 years ago. A special cigar that only the most expert craftsmen, with experience of more than fifteen years, are chosen to roll them with a daily máximum of one hundred units. All the cigars in the 1903 Edition wait at least two years in the aging room for the moment to be headed to the markets. The results are so spectacular as the shiny tubes that deserve these very La Aurora jewels.
La Aurora 1903 Edition Treasure Box Doble Figurado contains six cigars: Emerald, Sapphire, Gold, Platinum, Ruby & Black Diamond.

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