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Davidoff Paragon 6 x 60

Tasting Notes: Salted Nuts, Nougat, Brown Sugar, Leather, Citrus, Spice, Coffee

Body: Medium-Full

Strength: Medium-Full

Wrapper: Hybrid 253 Dominican Republic
Binder: Negro San Andres Mexico
Filler: Piloto Visus, Tapado Visus Villa Gonzalez, San Vicente Mejorado Ligero Martin Garcia, Habano Esteli Visus Nicaragua, Hybrid 133 Visus Yamasa
Size: 6 x 60
Davidoff Paragon 6 x 60 - Pack of 2
Davidoff Paragon 6 x 60 - Bundle of 10


Our Master Blender guided a single veteran cigar roller. Sorting through specific tobaccos in all 10 blends and changing their position and percentage of each tobacco to create this especially unique cigar in Davidoff Master Blender Eladio Diaz’s private collection. The process in creating this blend revealed an intricate process of elimination of certain tobaccos, to achieve a flavor experience conceptualized in our Master Blenders mind from his experience of blending and crafting cigars.


1/3 - Upon lighting a sweet aroma of corn and nuts. Stimulation of salt , sweet and bitter. Light, smooth aroma of nougat and butterscotch, complimented with flavors of citrus, leather and vanilla. 

2/3 - Notes of ginger present themselves, with a nutty creamy aroma. Spice stimulation dominates with bitter. Retro-hale becomes much spicier, with notes of nuts, leather and coffee. 

3/3 - Flavor notes become even more balanced and smoother, palate is evenly stimulated. Flavor notes stay on the sweeter end, much smoother and creamier, vanilla, cacao, coffee and hints of ginger spice.