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Davidoff 50th Prestige Asia Lighter

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50 Years of Pioneering.

Davidoff has turned to the skills of French artist Mariane Léger to create four art designs that honour the livelong quest which drove our founder, Zino Davidoff, to search out Innovation, Discovery, Variety and Taste stimulations in all four corners of the world. The same quest that still inspires our Master Blenders today.

Taking the same inspiration, the Limited Edition Prestige cigar lighters created for the occasion also carry the four art designs. The Davidoff Prestige lighters are fitted with a twin burner for the aficionado who insists on luxurious craftsmanship.

These exclusive and numbered pieces bear a brushed contemporary finish, with only the edges in a contrasting mirror effect for a most masculine and contemporary look.

• Limited and numbered edition

• Soft flame, equipped with a special burner with two opposing gas streams that form a unique fan shaped flame. For an even harmonious lighting of your cigar.

• Made in France

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