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Davidoff 50th Cave Des Ameriques Humidor

- Number 3 of 30 made worldwide -
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Davidoff has collaborated with Léger on a collection of four 50th anniversary "Caves du Monde" humidors, using her skills to inlay hand-woven fabrics into exceptional woods. Skills that mirror the ones which Davidoff applies to the creation of its cigars.

The Condor - Flying to new horizons, its keen eyes constantly searching for new opportunities.

Freedom and discovery is what this design is all about. An expression of the human quest for the yet unknown.

The Condor’s piercing eyes equate to the visionary spirit of Zino Davidoff, whose quest for the finest cigar experiences took him to unfamiliar territories and unexpected origins. Zino cared not for borders and boundaries. His restless pursuit has inspired everything Davidoff has crafted during the last five decades.
182 pieces of banana fibre and 24 carats gold leaves inlayed on American walnut.


- Limited and numbered Edition

- Capacity 190-250

- 3 Davidoff Slim regulators

- 1 Removeable basket

- Palladium fittings

- Made in France

- Selected handwoven fabrics from ForWeavers