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$30 Cigar of the Month Club


$50 Cigar of the Month Club


ABB Sampler

Pack of 5

Atabey Delirios

From $93.00 IN STOCK

Corto X46 by Warped Cigars

Tasting Notes: Cream, Pepper, Leather, Earth, Cocoa, Cedar, Caramel, Coffee, Nuts, Citrus
From $45.10 IN STOCK

Daughters of the Wind Robusto

Tasting Notes: Cream, Sourdough Bread, Leather, Graham Cracker, Gingersnaps

From $46.20 OUT OF STOCK

Davidoff Robusto Intenso

Tasting Notes: Nut, Spice, Cream, Earth, Cocoa

Intensity: Medium

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From $96.00 IN STOCK

Herrera Esteli Inktome Exception

The second release in the exclusive Small Batch Cigar Inktome series. Using the Norteno flat box press cigar mold in a 6 x 46 Corona Gorda.

Tasting Notes: Earth, Pepper, Coca-Cola, Leather, Molasses

Intensity: Medium

From $39.95 OUT OF STOCK

HVC 500 Years Anniversary Tesoros

Tasting Notes: Earth, Pepper, Baking Spices, Dried Fruit, Cedar

Intensity: Medium

From $53.00 IN STOCK

HVC Black Friday 2020

From $37.50 OUT OF STOCK

HVC Hot Cake Laguito #4

Tasting Notes: Pepper, Pancakes, Sugarcane, Mild Earth, Hints of Cedar

Intensity: Medium

From $39.90 OUT OF STOCK

Illusione Epernay D'Aosta 10th Anniversary

Tasting Notes: Cream, Peanut Shells, Cedar, Baking Spices, Mocha, Nougat

Intensity: Med+

From $60.00 IN STOCK

Jason-Dumont Noir

Small Batch Exclusive

Tasting Notes: Cedar, Baking Spices, Cocoa, Pepper, Dried Fruit, Floral, Nougat

Intensity: Medium

From $85.00 IN STOCK

Liga Privada Unico Papas Fritas

From $57.55 IN STOCK

Lirio Rojo by Warped Cigars 2019

Tasting Notes: Pepper, Cream, Brown Sugar, Hay, Cedar, French Bread, Caramel, Coffee
From $55.00 OUT OF STOCK

Maestro del Tiempo 6102R LE

From $64.95 IN STOCK

Patina Maduro Robusto

Tasting Notes: Milk Chocolate, Graham Cracker, Leather, Pepper, Pistachio, Baking Spices

Intensity: Med-Full

From $54.75 OUT OF STOCK

RCIGAR Sampler

$36.97 IN STOCK

Serie Gran Reserva 1988 by Warped Cigars

Tasting Notes: Pepper, Cedar, Leather, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Honey

From $45.99 IN STOCK

Small Batch Surprise $100

$100.00 IN STOCK

Tabernacle Havana CT 142 Sampler

Tasting Notes: Earth, Pepper, Cinnamon, Fruit Cake, Dark Chocolate

Intensity: Full

$60.97 IN STOCK

Viaje WLP Claudenstein

Small Batch Cigar Exclusive

Tasting Notes: Cream, Cocoa, Oak, Espresso, Mild Pepper, Baking Spices

Intensity: Medium

From $59.95 IN STOCK

Winston Churchill The Late Hour Robusto

Tasting Notes: Black Pepper, Dark Coffee, Sweetness, Old Leather, Wood, Baking Spices

Intensity: Medium

“The late hours into the early morning was the time when Churchill would gather all those resources together and commit himself to working, whether it was on his books with his research advisors or with his military people deciding the course of action,” said Randolph Churchill, great grandson of Sir Winston Churchill, in a press release.

“So, the late hours and the dark hours were when Churchill was his most productive in life. And he was never without a cigar.”

Read the Official Press Release

From $97.00 IN STOCK