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Bespoke Basilica Line

Launched in 2015 these complex, full bodied vitolas are blended for Bespoke Cigars by Hendrick Kelner Junior. The Basilica “A” series blend includes the highly coveted Bonao leaf. The Basilica “C” series is constructed with a double binder and utilizes up to 7 different tobaccos. The Basilica was the name given to the Huge Cannon built in the 15th Century for the Ottomans to be used for the siege of Constantinople. The “flared” foot of the Basilica Line cigars  invokes an exploding cannon. The foot is designed this way so as  lead the smoker gently into the full flavours emitted by the rich binder leaves of both cigars.

Top 10 Cigars 2018: Bespoke Basilica

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