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What We’re Smoking for Thanksgiving 2021

What We’re Smoking for Thanksgiving 2021

Happy Thursday, folks! I know we’re a bit early, but we wanted to put some thought into our Thanksgiving lineup in advance in case you wanted to join us and let your cigars rest after shipping. 

If you’ve got a full day of smoking planned while you cook or enjoy the day, we’ll be right there with you starting early in the morning with a few cappuccinos and the Chefs Edition from Davidoff.

1.) Davidoff Chefs Edition

Before cooking starts requiring too much attention, let’s begin with one of the most amazing Davidoff blends in recent years. And make no mistake, they’ve been putting out winners every year – this cigar is just that good. It’s sophisticated, pleasant, and pairs perfectly with a cup of coffee to start your day.  

Thanksgiving cigars: Davidoff Chefs Edition

Pairing Suggestion: Cappuccino

Tasting Notes: Cream, Cedar, Pepper, Bread, Leather, Hay, Nuts, Brown Sugar

Intensity: Medium-

2.) Illusione Epernay 10th Anniversary D’Aosta 

If you haven’t enjoyed the D’Aosta yet, you’re in for a treat! Slightly less mild-mannered than the Chef’s Edition above, D’Aosta is a great transition into a more complex cigar to pair with a breakfast beer. D’Aosta (in my humble opinion) represents Dion Giolito at his finest, blending cigars that smack like an orchestra without a lot of strength. And the tasting notes effortlessly embody what I would consider the fall experience. 


Thanksgiving Cigars: Illusione 10th Anniversary D'Aosta


Pairing Suggestion: Breakfast Beer 

Tasting Notes: Pepper, Cedar, Cream, Warm Baking Spices, Citrus

Intensity: Medium

3.) Pichardo Clasico Sumatra 

As we move into the afternoon, I plan on smoking one of the most fiery cigars that I can remember with a sweeter bourbon to balance it all out. I’m thinking COL E.H. Taylor if I can find it in time, or Four Roses Single Barrel if I can’t. I’ll never forget my first time sampling the A.C.E. Prime portfolio and falling in love with this exquisite cigar that pushes and pulls on your senses like a magician. 


Thanksgiving Cigars: Pichardo Classic Sumatra


Pairing Suggestion: Sweeter Bourbons

Tasting Notes: Earth, Fiery Pepper, Leather, Coca Cola Sweetness, Dark Chocolate, Black Coffee

Intensity: Medium-Full

4.) Cinque Terre Stateless

When I heard that Claudio Sgroi (formerly of Mombacho) and Edgar Julian Sued were teaming up, I was damn excited. Both of these gentlemen have different styles, and I was anticipating that the marriage of their preferences would be something I would love. Somehow, they bridged the gap between five different countries to create a rich, intoxicating blend that tastes like something I would order in a Starbucks drive through with an extra shot of espresso. I look forward to enjoying this cigar after dinner with a little rum. 


Thanksgiving Cigars: Cinque Terre


Pairing Suggestion: Diplomatico Rum

Tasting Notes: Dark Chocolate, Coffee, Salted Caramel

Intensity: Medium-Full

5.) RoMa Craft CroMagnon Anthropology

Now that we’ve got dessert out of the way, I plan on capping the night off with a savory cigar paired against a sweeter Scotch finished in Sherry barrels. This is a favorite pairing of mine, and one that I like to use after a full day of smoking, joking, and grilling. The tone of this blend leaves nothing to chance: it’s bold and unwavering, as consistent as the holidays are short. And the contrast of Lasanta with the meaty profile of CroMagnon works wonders as a heady concoction before calling it a night. 


Thanksgiving Cigars: RoMa Craft CroMagnon


Pairing Suggestion: Glenmorangie Lasanta 

Tasting Notes: Pepper, Earth, Wood, Grilled Meat, Coffee, Cocoa, Cream

Intensity: Full


Thanksgiving Cigars 2021


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