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What We're Smoking Father's Day 2021

What We're Smoking Father's Day 2021

In preparation for Father's Day, we polled our Blind Review Panel! Here's what the members of our Blind Review Panel will be smoking and why they chose each cigar. There's also a sampler at the bottom if you want to try them all. 

Dom: Foundation The Tabernacle Goliath


What to smoke for Father's Day: Foundation Tabernacle Goliath


Why Dom Chose This Cigar: Weather permitting, I'm looking forward to lighting up the Tabernacle Goliath by Foundation Cigars with my dad and brother.  The forecast shows a high of 106 degrees, so the plan is to have a morning smoke on the golf course.

No matter the brand, my dad always reaches for salomons.  In his eyes, the best cigar is the one that lasts the longest (bonus points for richness in taste).  Though I was tempted to go with the Tabernacle David since it's my dad's namesake, I know he'll enjoy the longer smoke.

Dom’s Pairing of Choice: Seeing as it will be blistering on Sunday, we will most likely be drinking some sort of citrus cocktails.  Actually, spritzes might be the play.   

What Dom Looks Forward to Each Father’s Day: I'm blessed to have always lived within driving distance of my parents.  The annual routine of getting together for a drink, smoke, and some catching-up on Father's Day has never felt monotonous.  There will be plenty of fore's! since our golf game is rough, but at least I'll be able to say I saw David smoke Goliath!

Rich: Lampert 1675


Father's Day cigars: Lampert 1675


Why Rich Chose This Cigar: I’ve been hooked on this cigar recently. Each one has produced an excellent smoking experience. It’s a well-made, well-blended cigar with beautiful citrus notes. Indiana Ortez created another work of art with this smoke. 

Father’s Day is about family, and the Ortez family has been in tobacco for generations. They’re a tight-knit group that clearly has love and respect for one another. Celebrating your own (hopefully close) family by enjoying the work of another close family just feels right.

Rich’s Pairing of Choice: I’m not sure yet, but I anticipate drinking some bourbon.

What Rich Likes About Father's Day: There’s something special about the first Father’s Day after having a kid. Suddenly, that day became much more meaningful. There’s a lot to be said for celebrating your own father, but something different about it when you’ve got your own kids.

Ted: HVC 500th Anniversary


HVC 500th Anniversary


Why Ted Chose this Cigar: For Father’s Day, I’ll be lighting up the HVC 500th.  As I prepared to write this, I contemplated the box of these I’ve smoked through, the half of a box I have in my humidor and whether or not I may be lucky enough to find another.  A quick internet search yields me yet another box.  I’m tempted to not share this info as to reserve every last one for myself, but according to the pamphlet in my second box, only 350 boxes of these were produced.  If that’s true, shame on all of you for allowing these to stay out there for purchase.  This cigar is exceptional.  I’ll say it goes perfectly with a frothy cappuccino in the morning, has enough body to compliment a stout in the afternoon and will not get crushed by a bourbon in the evening.  

Why did I choose this stick for Father’s Day?  First, this stick was released late in 2019 but I didn’t buy my first box until 2020 had descended on us.  We’re all familiar with the events making the whole year a dumpster fire. However, the HVC 500th was a cigar that stood out to me in 2020 and at least tried to help me salvage some good will towards last year.  Also, at less than $10 for a limited-edition cigar, this thing is a bargain!  So, I get to smoke an affordable, enjoyable cigar from 2019 in 2021 and I know it will still be as good as it was when I first tried it.  

Ted’s Pairing of Choice: I’ll be pairing this with Oregon’s own Worthy Brewing, Lights Out Stout.  The creamy coffee and vanilla notes of this brew make it perfect for this smoke.

Ted’s Favorite Father’s Day Memory: So, on Father’s Day you’ll find me out back, HVC 500th in hand and an ice-cold pint glass full of Lights Out Stout.  I’ll be thinking of my own father who is 800 plus miles away and whom I will see in July.  I don’t know that any particular Father’s Day memory stands out to me, but I have lots of days spent with my father that stand out in my memory. Cheers dad.  I respect you immensely and love you.

Dave: Davidoff Dominicana


Buy Father's Day Samplers Online: Davidoff Dominicana


Why Dave Chose this Cigar: The last six months have been disappointingly… bland. After contracting COVID-19 I’ve barely been able to use my sense of taste and smell. This Father’s Day, I want to smoke an exciting cigar that I can already imagine what it tastes like and feel like a million bucks doing it! 

Dave’s Pairing of Choice: Nikka Coffee Grain. Benjamin Holt from Dissident Cigars introduced me to this gem last year and it’s one of my favorite daily drinkers. It has an incredible body and is a bit rough around the edges, providing a little more character to fall in love with. 

What Dave looks forward to this Father’s Day: I’ve spent a lot of Father’s Days away from my family, but this year my schedule has shifted due to COVID and I’ll be home with my wife and kids. Weather permitting, there will be lots of yard time as the I smoke through a handful of cigars while my kids talk my ear off instead of running around the yard. Happy times!


Father's Day Sampler 2021


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6/18/2021 8:42 AM
Fun read!  Hope you get your senses back soon, Dave.

It will be an Illusione Haut 10 for me with some ice cold water and maybe some bourbon to sip.

Happy Father's Day to all!
6/18/2021 2:26 PM
Sounds like an amazing pairing Stephen!
6/19/2021 8:04 PM
All solid choices fellas. Congrats on your first Father's day as pop, Rich!