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SensorPush Gateway

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SensorPush G1 WiFi Gateway

What’s better than constant monitoring of conditions with SensorPush Smart Sensors? The same capability, extended to anywhere in the world, of course!
The SensorPush G1 WiFi Gateway makes it easy. Like our sensors, setup takes just a few moments. Once the gateway is connected via WiFi or Ethernet, all your nearby SensorPush devices will then be available from anywhere, via the Internet. Whether monitoring one sensor or many, you’ll enjoy real-time updates, full data history and alerts, just as before – but now it’s all available at work, on vacation, or from anywhere you are.
It’s easy for multiple people to log into the same account and receive data and alerts. This makes it also ideal for families or businesses that share responsibility for homes, refrigerators, pets, greenhouses or anywhere that ensuring proper environmental conditions is important.

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