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" Sacra Folium Cigar Co. is the brain child of Matthew Airey, John Fable, Gary Podell, and Boris Grossman.  Being a multiple store Tobacconist in New York, we have been able to gain critical knowledge related to consumer trends and palate development.  We knew that if we were able to make cigar blends that were unique in flavor, and refined in complexity while offering them at reasonable prices, than that's what it would take for us to become successful in a very competitive industry. The journey began with a dream to make a great cigars, then came the execution.  We consulted non other then Dion Giollito from Illusione, one of the most knowledgeable and honorable cigar makers in the industry.  Dion suggested that we work with his factory in Honduras.  He said, and I quote "the Raices Cubanas factory has all the tobacco both from his farms and the Aganorsa farms of Casa Fernandez, to make world class cigars". So Matt and I decided to fly to Honduras to make our blends.  We knew it wasn't going to be easy, but we were committed.  After smoking every bail of tobacco from all Raices Cubanas farms in Honduras and all the Aganorsa farms from Nicaragua, we were able to blend five excellent smokes. Of course it wasn't as easy as it sounds, so spark your imagination with a Golden Ration, a Law of Sines, a Fractal, the 4th Density, and the Malus.  and light these babies up." - Taken from Sacra Folium's website

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