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Five Samplers You Didn’t Know You Wanted

Five Samplers You Didn’t Know You Wanted

The A.C.E. Prime Brand Sampler


ACE Prime Sampler

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I picked up this pack with the sole intention of updating the tasting notes for our website and immediately picked up two boxes with more on my mind. This brand absolutely blew past my expectations and firmly cemented Tabacalera Pichardo on my watch list. You’d think I would’ve learned my lesson after falling in love with the Crowned Heads Juarez produced at Pichardo, but apparently I’m hard headed. This brand is absolutely worth a test drive to see if they deserve as much room in your humidor as they’ve got in mine. 

The Badass Pack


Strongest Cigars Sampler

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If you’re looking for some of the strongest cigars on the market, this pack has it all! We joke and say that it will certify you as a badass, but the truth is that most cigar smokers probably wouldn’t be able to handle one of these without a meal first. The Mistress, for instance, was counseled as being too strong for release. And the LFD Double Ligero is the Soju of the cigar world – it goes down so smooth and easy that you only know it’s real strength once you stand up. Eat a meal first, have a sugary beverage on hand, and smoke through this pack at your own discretion.  

The Intermediate Cigars Sampler


Intermediate Cigars Sampler

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We receive a lot of emails asking about cigar recommendations, and this pack effectively sums up our response for anyone looking to move into boutique cigar brands or wanting to expand their palate with more complex cigars. Almost all of these have been featured in our Cigar of the Week blog and each of them hail from the most coveted small production brands on the planet. If you haven’t tried these cigars yet, you’re in for a treat!  

The Davidoff Special R Sampler


Davidoff Special R Sampler

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During our virtual event with Jeff Stone, we found out that these three cigars share the same guts but are finished with a different wrapper. Color me shocked! I love each of these individually, but never knew their common origins. I prefer to smoke through this flight sampler left to right, and all in the same day. I’ve done it a few times now and it’s really eye opening. 

The Bodybuilder Pack 


Bodybuilder Cigar Sampler

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Another pack that’s fun to burn through is our Bodybuilder Pack, a sampler that showcases the differences between the mildest and fullest cigars. These are all great cigars in their own right, but also serve to be an educational experience if you aren’t quite sure of the differences between mild, medium, and full-bodied cigars. If you normally stick to a specific range and are wondering if you’re missing out in either the mild or full category, this pack is for you! 

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