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FAQ: Why Do You Recommend Waiting Before Smoking Limited Edition Cigars?

FAQ: Why Do You Recommend Waiting Before Smoking Limited Edition Cigars?

One of the hardest things to do is tell someone that they should wait to enjoy it after they’ve just paid for it. And yet, with a heavy heart, it’s something that we strongly recommend – especially when receiving limited edition cigars.

Unlike other consumables, cigars rarely display the blender’s intent when they’re fresh off the truck. In fact, they often take months or years (depends on each cigar and palate) to reach their peak.  Limited edition cigars, however, experience a different pace than their regular production cousins and always benefit from some extra down time.

To clarify, a newly released cigar should receive the same treatment of a limited edition cigar. Regular production cigars that stay on the shelf at your favorite Tobacconist aren’t being subjected to length, compounded shipping times.

Make Your Cigars Taste Better

How Long Should I Wait Before Smoking New Releases?

As we talked about in our How Does Shipping Affect Cigars? article, roughly two weeks should be plenty of time for the cigars to acclimate to your humidor and settle in after shipping.  More time certainly doesn’t hurt, but less time may disappoint you with a less than desired smoking experience.  There's a certain risk / reward factor scale that slides in your favor over time. 

Timeline of Regular Production Cigars at Small Batch

  • Small Batch Cigar orders ABC Cigars

  • ABC Cigars are shipped to Small Batch

  • ABC Cigars enjoy their luxurious stay at Small Batch HQ

  • Customer places the order

  • ABC Cigars are packaged and shipped

  • Customer receives the order 2-3 days later

Resting Your Cigars

Timeline of New or Limited Edition Cigars at Small Batch

  • Small Batch Cigar orders XYZ Cigars

  • XYZ Cigars are shipped from overseas to the U.S.

  • XYZ Cigars are shipped from port to Small Batch

  • Small Batch allows pre-order once shipping notice is posted

  • Customers pre-order XYZ Cigars

  • Cigars are immediately packaged without checking into Small Batch HQ

  • Customer receives the order 2-3 days later

While the end result is the same and you receive cigars two or three days later, the difference is that the cigars in our second timeline spent weeks in the mail before arriving at your door step. Every cigar made outside the U.S. has to go through this process, but the first timeline is able to break it up instead of flying consecutively. Imagine the difference between making several five hour flights separated by weeks or months as opposed to making four of those flights without rest. It’s hard on us and hard on our tobacco, but given rest we both tend to recover over time.

Tell Us!  Do you enforce a rest period before smoking new releases / limited editions? 

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5/4/2018 9:57 AM
I'm impatient, but have been faithfully following the 2-week recommendation for most of my smokes, and have so far let my premiums settle for 6-months before I light them up. I can definitely tell the difference between the ones Ipull out of a pack immediately totaste versus the rest of the pack Iage a bit. It's like a good pot of chili that you let sit for an extra day before you dig in.