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FAQ: Which Cigars Are the Best Cigars?

FAQ: Which Cigars Are the Best Cigars?

As cigar smokers, we want the best in life. It’s in our blood, our very DNA. That’s why we enjoy cigars in the first place, they’re some of the finest things this life has to offer. Therefore, one of the first questions we receive from newly carded Aficionados is inevitably thus: “Which cigars are the best cigars?”

If you’re asking yourself that question right this moment, please reach above the top of your shoulder and give yourself a pat on the back. Your ambition has rewarded you this far and will be satisfied shortly, if not in the way you intended.

What are the best cigars to pair with non-alcoholic drinks

You see, when met with such a question, cigar enthusiasts must counter it with further queries to help you find the answer as it pertains to you, in this moment of here and now. Contrary to popular belief, cigars have more in common with beverages than they do the Top 100 charts.

If you were to ask 1,000 people what their favorite beverages are, you’d receive answers ranging from milkshakes to coffees to juices to alcohols to soft drinks. Preferences of beverage are as vast as the possible answers to choose from, and that kind of subjectivity is what we see in the cigar world. There’s no definitive Top 100 charts or ranking system that someone can point to at any moment in time and say this, THIS is the number one song by a solo female artist right now.

Which is a longwinded way of saying that cigars are a subjective experience where the points don’t matter. The only objective way for a layman to say whether a cigar was good or bad (much less the best or worst) is to consider its construction. More experienced smokers might also point to the blender’s intent or the balance of the blend, but that too is experienced through an individual, subjective palate.

Article: Which cigars are the best cigars

When asking for the best cigars, take a moment to question yourself further to receive more appropriate answers. By being more specific, you’ll receive answers tailored to your situation instead of everyone’s current favorites. Here are some common questions that will help you get more from your Tobacconist:

  • What are the best cigars to hand out at a wedding?

  • What are the best cigars for new smokers?

  • What are the best cigars to celebrate with?

  • What are the best cigars with a certain wrapper?

  • What are the best cheap cigars?

  • What are the most expensive cigars?

  • What are the best cigars under $10?

  • What are the best cigars from a certain country?

  • What are the best mild cigars? (Or any strength)

  • What are the best short cigars?

  • What are the best cigars to pair with coffee? (Or any beverage)

  • What are the best cigar factories?

So what are the best cigars? That, my friends, is a question that we can’t in good conscience answer definitively. No more than anyone can point to the best ice cream, the best book, the best flower, the best neighborhood to live in, or the best pet.

And remember, your own personal favorites will change over time. Your favorite cigar today may not even have a place in your humidor next year. And vice versa, something that you’ve never smoked is patiently waiting to impress you for a spot in your humidor.

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3/28/2018 6:44 AM
conscious >> conscience

We know you're awake. And you have the best intention. ;-)
3/28/2018 7:08 AM
Ha!  Thanks Frank.  Revised  :)
4/2/2018 8:10 AM
I can completely agree with the closing statement. Starting out, I loved 5 Vegas and Nica Libre. While I have some NL still, the 5V is off my list. Your taste evolves and in my case the tolerance for a stronger cigar improves.
9/13/2019 2:54 PM
The best cigar is a lit one.