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Discussion: Pairings!

Discussion: Pairings!

It’s painfully obvious this week that I’m without some of my favorite pairings.  And while water is always appropriate, I’m missing the magic that happens when the right pour perfectly accentuates a great cigar. 

Which leads me to my question for everyone this week: 

If you could only have one drink to pair with cigars for the rest of your life, what would it be?

For me, it would be Rum. Specifically, Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva.  It's affordable, accessible, and has just the right amount of sweet and spicy components to compliment a wide range of cigars. 


Feeling as fresh as a two dollar bill this afternoon thanks to @smallbatchcigar!

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Of course, there isn’t a single pour that can bat 1000 every time - unless you cut your cigar choices down to known rockstars.  But for this particular cigar enthusiast, Diplomatico hits much more than it misses. 

If I were to select a non-alcoholic beverage, I’d have to give the nod to good ole Root Beer.  While it has a tendency to overpower milder cigars, this beverage can be downright amazing when it connects with the right blend.  Although I say that now, I might would regret it if I had to choose in real life because coffee is usually another slam dunk in my book. 

Here's an article we wrote on Non-Alcoholic pairings if you need a memory jogger. 


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12/4/2018 6:07 AM
Personally, my go to is a nice cup of pour over light roast coffee. It is nice because you can tailor the cup to the cigar. Got a lighter bodied Connecticut wrapper? Go for a floral Ethiopian. Got a Mexican San Andreas wrapper? Go for a earthy Mexican Coffee. Got a Ron Mexico? Go for Starbucks.
12/4/2018 7:23 AM
I will go with sparkling water. Preferably Topochico. It's crip, refreshing, and really cleanses your palate.
12/4/2018 9:53 AM
My favorite would be a nice port, particularly the Sandeman Founder's Reserve Ruby Porto.
12/4/2018 9:59 AM
A good bourbon barrel aged stout.  So many complex flavors that pair up great with just about any cigar.
12/4/2018 10:00 AM
I know most people will say Scotch or Bourbon, however if you –truly- mean only one for the rest of your life, it would have to be ROOT BEER, the sweetness of the sugar with the slight vanilla undertones are the perfect match that will complement and not overwhelm the flavor of the cigar.  Because let’s face it, it’s the flavor of the cigar that counts not what your drinking with it
12/4/2018 10:01 AM
I like bourbon and scotch, but if I have to choose just one for life I will go with coffee.
12/4/2018 10:15 AM
I tend to stick to sugary non-alcoholic drinks. My go to is Cherry Coke. I'm just not classy enough to pair with liquor.
12/4/2018 11:22 AM
If this pairing is complimentary, I'd go with Yamazaki 18.  However, if I have to pay for my own "Pairing for life"  I'd go Clynelish 14, or even Coffee.
12/4/2018 12:05 PM
Maui Brewing Company - Bikini Blonde Lager. Tastes great and lets any cigar shine.

But truly, Water... All day long. It’s universal and refreshing.
12/4/2018 4:52 PM
Well I have to say Samuel Adams October fest was tasting pretty darn good with the cigars I was smoking.
12/4/2018 8:20 PM
Coffee would generically be my favorite, and most enduring pairing. I feel like the different styles of brew, and the different origins mean you would never get bored, and really I wish I could drink coffee all day just like I wish I could smoke cigars all day. My favorite at the moment is a Blue Mountain bean grown in Haiti, which comes from a local roaster called Mission Coffee in Colorado Springs.
12/4/2018 10:02 PM
Water of course, but you can't go very wrong with the Diplomatico.
12/5/2018 10:39 AM
Old School Maxwell House with a very little splash of half and half. The regular version of Maxwell House. Not: French Roast, Columbian, Bold, Light, Dark, Etc. Etc.  It doesn't overpower the palate and you can still experience the flavor changes the cigar has to offer.
My favorite cigar to pair with this is the Eastern Standard.
12/5/2018 2:02 PM
I second root beer, diplomatico/Zaya/El Dorado but desert island pairing would be coffee.  After reading comments in the last discussion I bought a Buddy propane heater and graduated to snowman!
12/5/2018 7:44 PM
Springbank is my favorite distillery, so it would be my alcoholic drink. For non-alcoholic, coffee would edge out water.  If I had two choices, it's always water with something else.
12/6/2018 7:19 AM
For a type of liquor, I would go with rum. It has the most versatility and one rum or another would match up with almost any cigar. If I could only have one drink (as opposed to one type of liquor), I would choose Bailey’s. Bailey’s goes with almost any cigar. In regards to rum, different runs will pair well with different cigars.
12/7/2018 12:11 AM
As cliché as it may be, I would opt for a Highland scotch or a decent aged Irish whisky. Both have a general butter scotch, sweet apple/fruit, spice and citrus. All of which, I think pair well with most cigars.
For note tasting and lighter cigar I tend to lend toward coffee or water.But, a rootbeer is tasty as hell if you have one lying around.
12/7/2018 1:11 PM
I prefer a nice bourbon or coffee, and for non-alcoholic I stay loyal to my physician, Dr. Pepper.
12/7/2018 3:22 PM
I am torn between coffee and a good bourbon. If you’ve ever had a good cup of coffee with a bespoke gran mareva gold you would swear you’re in heaven. If I have to pick one since I have many vices I would have to say a good double oaked bourbon. I’ll go with Woodford reserve
12/7/2018 4:30 PM
Mine are seasonal. Warm weather I prefer dry gin with fever tree tonic or a craft IPA. Cold weather I keep a supply of Cuban or Honduran coffee or with a fire Balvenie 21. I like alcohol to temper the edge of a stronger cigar, coffee to enrich any cigar. If only one, Cafe'
12/7/2018 5:17 PM
Black coffee
12/8/2018 3:44 PM
In the summer an ice cold bottle of Canadian beer and my cigar relaxes me more than anything. In the winter I'd have to go with ahot stong cup of coffee !
12/8/2018 9:23 PM
Fresh brewed iced tea
12/9/2018 7:00 AM
Congrats to Joseph (#2 comment) and his sparkling water! Many thanks to everyone for adding to the conversation  :D
12/10/2018 9:41 AM
My number one choice would be hands down root beer.  The sweetness of the root beer pairs very well with the medium to full body cigars that I normally smoke.  only problem is that I now have a fridge full of different root beers to try.