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Discussion: How Do You Light Your Cigars?

Discussion: How Do You Light Your Cigars?

Happy Wednesday, folks! 

I remember once, a friend that didn’t enjoy cigars told me that real cigar smokers only use matches or strips of wood.  I explained that some may, but it’s not necessarily indicative of a real cigar enthusiast.  Which got me thinking: 

How Do You Light Your Cigars?

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Personally, if I had to use long wooden matches or cedar spills every time to light my cigar, I’d be in a world of hurt!  My patience couldn’t handle soft flames of this sort during the 100 Days of Wind.  To that end, I almost exclusively enjoy the convenience and precision of a torch lighter. 

For the light itself, I prefer to do what I call the Toast and Roast.  Rather than bringing it up to my mouth and puffing, turning, and lighting, I just continue the toasting process until I have an even light across the whole foot of the cigar.  


How to Fill Up Your Lighter

If you haven't read this article yet, I can't recommend it enough! 


Ideally, I work from the outside in, giving the wrapper and binder my attention first before circling back around to ignite the filler tobaccos.  

And of course, there’s no wrong way to enjoy your cigar!  Let us know your process in the comments below. 


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11/6/2019 7:20 AM
I love to soft light with a cedar spill, I too do not have the patience for it. So I am a toast and roast person as well and always blow through the cigar before taking a draw. Love the discussions
11/6/2019 7:32 AM
I prefer a single flame torch and toasting the foot of the cigar. No puffing until the foot is fully lit.
11/6/2019 7:38 AM
I toast the foot with a single flame torch, and then hit it with a cedar spill once there is a uniform ember. I have found that this usually gets me a nice even burn without burning too hot or requiring any significant touch-ups.
11/6/2019 8:47 AM
I have a single flame torch that I use every time. I toast the foot evenly, then take a puff with the flame near it but not touching, rotate and puff again. Then I blow on the end to make sure everything is lit evenly. Then I sit back and enjoy!
11/6/2019 9:25 AM
I like to use a torch or wooden matches and I am a toast and roast person as well. I try and get a nice even toast before taking the first puff of the cigar.
11/6/2019 10:03 AM
I light my cigars with fire
11/6/2019 10:59 AM
I like to toast and roast using my Quadraflame Torch Lighter filled with super pure high altitude Xicar butane.
This process has also allowed me to get on a first name basis with the local Fire Chief!
11/6/2019 11:12 AM
Soft flame for me with the toast and roast style like you describe, no need to rush the process.  Plus I enjoy collecting ST Dupont lighters when I can snag them for a deal used.  That just adds to the enjoyment of lighting a cigar for me and why I continue to use soft flame lighters over torches.
11/6/2019 12:49 PM
The lounge I used to work for would take the cedar dividers that came in our empty cigar boxes and cut them up into small cedar strips. My go to method is to light the cedar strips and then light my cigar with that. First I always toast the cigar with my torch lighter to ensure a more even light. I love the cedar when it's available though!
11/6/2019 1:10 PM
Dupont maxijet in my vehicle. Everywhere else I use the $6 gas station torch lighters- I don’t mind losing or breaking those.
11/6/2019 1:42 PM
Butane torch lighter. Typically single flame
11/6/2019 3:13 PM
If I'm outdoors I like to use my triple flame lighter and use the single flame when indoors and fully toast the foot before smoking. Cigars that have a closed foot I prefer to use matches and then start puffing right away.
11/6/2019 3:56 PM
Use a single flame torch lighter, toast and fire the outside edges and blow softly to spread the fire towards the center.After it has spread towards the center, will take a couple puffs.
11/7/2019 6:28 AM
Matches are my favorite if there is no wind, which is rare for me outside. 95% of my lights are bic soft flames. Buy 20 at once for less than a buck a piece. Reliable gentle flame that does not scorch the tobacco and you can leave them lying around anywhere.
11/7/2019 8:47 AM
When I'm indoors, I use a soft flame or match. When I'm outdoors, I go with the torch. I've been looking at getting a table top lighter for outdoor use as well.
11/7/2019 7:53 PM
Stick fire towards my face and move the cigar around....
11/8/2019 7:57 AM
For me it really depends on the size of the cigar.

For something like a corona I use a single flame torch.

Robusto or Toro, I am using a triple torch.

I light them all the same though, slowly toast until completely lit around the edges then I will puff and light the cigar at the same time.
11/8/2019 8:41 AM
Soft flame lighter if it isn't windy, otherwise single, double or triple flame depending on the conditions.  After reading the comments I'll start roasting more.
11/10/2019 8:18 AM
I use the toast & roast also (I'm glad I know a name for it now). I find the process very relaxing. I use a torch lighter I got at the gas station for $5; it's actually the best torch lighter I've ever had that lasted longer than a month or two.
11/10/2019 3:36 PM
I use xikar double allume torch 95% of the time. Occasionally I’ll use soft flame if weather calls for it. I’ve used matches like twice in the last couple of years and that’s just because they were sitting on the table at B&M and was too lazy to get up and get lighter refilled.

Torch is just too convenient.
11/11/2019 1:41 PM
Congrats, Alex!  And many thanks to everyone else for participating 👊