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Discussion Contest: Which Brand Owner Would You Quarantine With?

Discussion Contest: Which Brand Owner Would You Quarantine With?

About a week ago, @MooCowRich on Instagram posed a question that was thought provoking and extremely entertaining.  With his permission, I’d like to pose it to you fantastic people as well!

Note: we're using the word quarantine liberally here, as it mostly refers to the social distancing and isolation measures that we've self-imposed.  We don't want to take away from the experiences of anyone that's been forced to strictly quarantine and be away from family during these times.

Which Brand Owner Would You Want to Quarantine With?

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If you didn’t know, Rich often poses questions of this nature that make you stop and think… write a comment, delete a comment, then write another one.  It’s his style.  Give him a follow if you want to be entertained. 

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Which brand owner would you choose to quarantine with? Let’s have some fun with this! 🤣

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For the sake of this discussion contest, let’s open it up to include any brand currently available on the market today.  

Personally, this is a tough one…  Who knows if social distancing and self-isolation will go on for weeks or months at this point and time, and a wrong decision could put you in the same house with someone for an extended period! 

Here’s what I’d consider if I were to answer this question: 

  • Are they the type of company that you get along with?
  • Do they live in a bustling city or surrounded by nature?
  • How’s the weather where they’re at?
  • Does his or her brand offer cigars that you enjoy?
  • Does his or her brand have enough variety for extended periods of time?
  • How’s his or her bartending and barista game?

Luckily, we’ve been able to hang out with multiple cigar personalities on Fri, Sat, and Sun in a Virtual Lounge capacity.  We’ve had the pleasure of getting to know some of the people in the front lines and behind the scenes in a way that was previously hard to do unless you showed up early or late to an event.  If you haven’t yet, please join our Facebook Group to get the links to our Zoom Meetings every weekend. 

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!  


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4/15/2020 8:20 AM
This doesn't take much thought, it would be Steve Saka hands down. Not only is he the most knowledgeable about tobacco, he's a riot to hang out with. He blends my favorite cigars and he always brings lots to share. I imagine I would come out knowing so much more about tobacco and cigars by the time this ends.
4/15/2020 8:22 AM
Pete Johnson for me. Tatuaje cigars were huge on getting me started.
4/15/2020 8:30 AM
Skip Martin from Roma Craft without a doubt.  Everything I have seen from him content-wise has been great.  He seems like a really laid back guy who you would really enjoy having a good cigar/beer/bourbon with.  It also helps that his line of cigars are my favorite.
4/15/2020 8:43 AM
I have a few answers. Because I’m indecisive.

Mo from Patina. Nice guy, smart, humble, fun to hang out with. Great cigars.

Matt Booth from Room101. Quarantine would never be boring, and Room101 cigars have been doing it for me recently.

Danny Vazquez from RoMa Craft had his own brand before, so I’m counting him too. Funny guy, and he’s been cooking up a storm. Need to get me some of that food.
4/15/2020 8:48 AM
Is no one an option?  Family is tough enough, I can't even imagine being quarantined with a stranger.
4/15/2020 8:48 AM
This one’s easy for me, Scott Jansen.
4/15/2020 9:09 AM
I don't think there would be a wrong answer. I have seen saka fishing before and for that reason, I choose him.
4/15/2020 9:45 AM
Pete Johnson. Met the guy, love his sticks.
4/15/2020 2:33 PM
My man Nick Melillo is the king of broadleaf and i'm in love with the wiseman maduro and the tabernacle. You'll find me downing Moka pot coffee and "social distancing" in pure bliss when paired with one of those sticks.
4/15/2020 4:08 PM
I'm going with Mo from Patina! I know I can learn tons and converse at length about various aspects in the cigar culture, industry, and community as well as life in general.
4/15/2020 4:27 PM
James and Angela Brown 💯
4/15/2020 4:39 PM
Robert and Sharon Holt from Southern Draw are full knowledge and come across as very friendly in the interviews they have done. The charitable aspect of their company is one to admire, especially towards the military. I would like to find out how they work with AJ Fernandez and how they come up with their blends, as I'm enjoying everything they create.
4/15/2020 5:45 PM
I feel like I’d get along with Saka and I think he’d never run out of stuff to talk about.
4/15/2020 6:06 PM
Willy Herrera. Love all his offerings and seems like a real down-to-earth guy.
4/16/2020 2:48 AM
Well since I can’t pick the cigar vixen (not a brand), I’d have to go with crowned heads hands down. Jon Huber could bring every year of las calaveras, some good music, and Nashville isn’t a bad place to be stuck in quarantine.
4/16/2020 9:15 AM
Kyle Gellis from Warped Cigars, not only does he have great cigars on hand, but he blends some amazing wines from Napa Valley so I can enjoy some Blue Monster wine while smoking a cigar with him.
4/16/2020 10:16 AM
I'd hang out with Lito Gomez.  Met him a few times, hilarious dude.  Plus I'm a full-bodied fan and LFD does have enough variety to keep me going for however many months
4/16/2020 11:22 AM
No question-Indiana Ortiz. And the world can shut down for as long as it needs to.
And yes I know her father is the owner.
4/17/2020 10:59 AM
Steve Saka easily. I’ve gotten to talk to Steve a few times at events and the guy is a storyteller. His knowledge of tobacco goes far beyond expertise not to mention I heard him tell stories about his home humidor so I think we’d be good with any length of quarantine.
4/17/2020 4:49 PM
This is an easy one for me:  Enrique Sanchez of Global Premium Cigars (1502)!   Relax and enjoy!
4/17/2020 5:50 PM
I'm going with Matt Booth from Room 101. This is an easy answer. First off, he's a Marine. Can never get bored with a Marine in the house, plus you know he can make the best out of a bad situation. Second, He's always in California and you can't beat Cali weather. Third, Room 101 has one of the best catalogs in the game right now, and Matt knows his cigars. Fourth, Dude has a sick sense of humor and seems like he'd be funny as hell. And last but not least, I've seen Matty B pour up a few during live discussions his bartending game is serious and he has his own Gin. Can't beat that!
4/17/2020 8:31 PM
You know, I'll go with Monika Kelner.  Smoke lots of Davidoff and other cigars.  Chill in the Caribbean.  Sorry, Augusto, Monika's about to trade up.
4/18/2020 1:05 PM
I’d chill with JD down at his cigar safari, would be awesome!  Lots of good choices though.
4/18/2020 1:17 PM
Robert Caldwell....  Imagination and blends I like.  Bet he plays chess, too.
4/19/2020 1:20 PM
Congrats Rich!  And thanks to everyone else for participating

Also to note, we use Random Number Generator to pick the winner each week.  It just so happened that the number was 4, and it made me smile since Rich came up with this topic