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Discussion Contest: Thanksgiving Smokes!

Discussion Contest: Thanksgiving Smokes!

Happy Tuesday, folks! 

This Thursday, I’m looking forward to family, friends, and more cigars than any human being has a right to!  And, I’d love to know what’s on your plans to burn during this holiday week as well. 

What are your Thanksgiving plans?

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Myself, I’ll be living it up on the porch while the kiddos and their out of town cousins run around the front yard all day.  

Armed with a bottle of Angel’s Envy Rye, my only real goal for the day is to write up the last cigar (#11) in our Davidoff Small Batch Comparison Series.  Other plans include revisiting some of the cigars that came out in recent months to give ‘em more of a fair shake after some rest: 

  • Dunbaron Mi Querida Triqui Traca
  • Foundation’s Highclere Castle Victorian
  • Davidoff Year of the Rat
  • Cavalier Geneve LE 2019
  • Warped Skyflower 2019

Tell us about your plans this week!  I’d love to know if you’re smoking alone, with friends or family, in a lounge, or even if you’re foregoing cigars to spend more time with loved ones!  


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11/26/2019 3:16 PM
Same as every year for me, head to my mother's for dinner and watch football.  Usually have a cigar before I head down and a couple after.
11/26/2019 3:36 PM
I am gonna work all day at my full time job, and hopefully get to smoke a Viaje stuffed turkey!
11/26/2019 4:00 PM
I plan to smoke the daughters of the win pony Express, that was sent in the $30 a month club.  Y'all really out did y'all's self with this one.
11/26/2019 4:22 PM
Looking like 45 degrees and high wind in my area. I may get a partagas short in if I’m lucky. Fingers crossed
11/26/2019 5:06 PM
First well have a nice lunch and some family time at my Wife's Grandparents'.  Then I'll come home and burn one in my den while watching old episodes of Top Gear.  I feel like reaching for something good like a Sir Winston or CoLa, but I'm not sure yet.  I haven't had a La Escepcion in a while either.....
11/26/2019 6:22 PM
I’m visiting family this year so I’m going to hopefully have a Year of the Rat or a Pony Express.
11/26/2019 8:57 PM
Looks like it will snow were I live, so I will smoke indoors and enjoy both the white and dark meat (Viaje stuffed turkey). The day after, I plan to smoke the HVC Black Friday to keep the theme going.
11/26/2019 10:59 PM
One of my sons will be deer hunting in Montana but my other son and I will be cooking Thanksgiving dinner then enjoying  an El Gueguense's courtesy of SmallBatch on the back porch after the meal, a glass of Macallen 15 in our hands. And probably posting to Instagram with #cigars #foundationcigars #smallbatch
11/26/2019 11:05 PM
And my wife may join in, depends on how the turkey comes out :-) !
11/27/2019 4:05 AM
If I’m lucky, I’ll get a Viaje Stuffed Turkey in Thanksgiving Morning. But I have 3 dinners to attend at 1, 3, and 6....
11/27/2019 5:11 AM
I too plan to smoke/review the Warped Sky Flower and the Davidoff Year of the Rat from the comfort of my in-laws jacuzzi on a snowy deck outside in Maine. Doesn’t get much better than that!
11/27/2019 6:04 AM
I’ll be foregoing my Thanksgiving stick because I’ll be out of town all weekend. However, I do believe I’ll be having the Room 101 10th Anniversary upon my return.
11/27/2019 6:48 AM
I'm looking forward to dinner with the in laws on Thursday and then Friday I'm going to smoke an aladino corojo reserva corona or three. maybe also on Thursday ;)
11/27/2019 6:58 AM
The weather's supposed to suck, so hopefully I still get to enjoy a cigar. If I do it will be Wednesday night in my garage.
11/27/2019 7:22 AM
My wife and i are having two guys from our local lounge over for turkey and all the fixin's. I have so much to give thanks for this year! We will smoke Late Hour Churchill"s,Padron '26 & '64 and that's just for dessert.
11/27/2019 10:51 AM
Edgar Julian friends and family 002 for the cigars this year, nothing better then spending time with the family and friends, waiting till everyone drifts off into their respective food comas and then sneaking outside with a chair and drink to smoke under the stars.
11/28/2019 2:08 AM
For of all, mahalo for the contest and I hope everyone at Small Batch has a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.  

For us, Thanksgiving day will be busy finishing the dish we’re bringing to a niece’s house for dinner.  Once that’s done and if the weather holds up, I hope to do some yard work.  After that I plan on ashing up a CH Las Calaveras LC46 in memory of our family members who are no longer with us.  

Have a good one.


11/28/2019 6:18 AM
Ham and turkey with the families :-) classic food, if I’m lucky I’ll sneak in a cigar, perhaps try a Joya Uno, happy thanksgiving everyone!
11/28/2019 7:08 AM
Happy Thanksgiving y’all! This year is about family with an upcoming deployment in the new year. Smoked Turkey, Bourbon Ham, and lots of classic side dishes with a few twists here in TX (Bacon Jalepeño Poppers). Tonight much later in the evening I’ll be smoking with the some of my guys, probably leaning towards Joya Cinco Decadas to cap off the day. Be safe everyone!
11/28/2019 8:45 AM
I’m looking forward to lots of time with family, and a diet mostly consisting of pumpkin pie!  Cigars on deck include Casa Fuente maduro, Warped Maestro del Tiempo 6102r (!), Ashton VSG, Davidoff Millennium robusto, Fuente Eye of the Shark, and a fantastic house blend for my buddy’s cigar shop.  Happy Thanksgiving to all!
11/28/2019 11:11 AM
Early afternoon while the family is gathering on the old plantation grounds, a Cavalier Geneve LE2019 (mild cigar) with an vintage W&J Graham 1983 Port (dry but golden smooth). After dinner (a feast) later, a Cavalier Geneve
Black series 1 with Reservoir Bourbon Small Batch 108
proof (with a splash of water, natch'). the weather is
gorgeous, dry, sunny and low 60's.
11/28/2019 7:39 PM
Doin BBQ ribs for some of my LEO Brothers and Sisters that hafta work...then ribs for the fam!  Man I smoked a couple great ones today too...Padron 90th Maduro and a nice Davidoff Art Edition.  Wish I could’ve traveled to see the folks but wasn’t in the cards this year.  Cheers!
11/28/2019 8:59 PM
Padron on the ride home from family
11/28/2019 9:01 PM
Having a PG 25th short robusto courtesy of mr small batch.  Would love to go longer but it is freezing!
11/29/2019 10:05 AM
This year my girlfriend and I took my kids to my sister's house for Thanksgiving with my family. My brother passed away this summer so it was out first time dealing with the emotions of a major holiday without him.
But my kids had a blast playing with their cousins and the food was excellent.
Afterward we dropped them off at my exe's aunt's house for their second Thanksgiving, then went home to relax. I selected a Davidoff Gusto Gordo for my Thanksgiving cigar and paired it with a much needed french press while watching the Bills/Cowboys game.
Later that night we went to see Knives Out with my girlfriend's sister and hubby.
It was a great day with only one cigar, so I made it count!
11/29/2019 10:53 AM
Rain all day in the Northeast, so just planning on spending extra time eating with family and watching some football.
11/29/2019 11:48 AM
Had Thanksgiving early since we are both always traveling and Yesterday and today I chilled out with the dogs and smoked alone. Plan to light up a '18 Chefs Edition here shortly. Happy Holiday!
11/29/2019 2:26 PM
I had a Plasencia Reserva while I was trying the turkey. Both were great!
11/30/2019 9:27 AM
After we all ate I snuck off to my uncles man cave and watched Texas Tech basketball ball lose while smoking a gifted padron 64.  Then went back over there friday and watched Texas Tech football lose while smoking a gifted Kristoff.  Maybe I  can win something now.
12/1/2019 7:44 AM
Congrats to the first Nick!  Loved seeing everyone's plans and preparations.  Hope your Thanksgiving was an amazing one!