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The Cornelius is our premiere release and is a tribute to Cornelius Bailey, Steven Bailey’s great-great-grandfather. Cornelius was the first of 5 generations of the Bailey family to run the family’s tobacco company. Each box displays an illustration of Cornelius Bailey on the lid.

Produced at the El Titan de Bronze factory in the Little Havana neighborhood of Miami, Cornelius is made under the supervision of owner Sandra Cobas. Cornelius is available in 3 sizes and presented in boxes of 20.

Cornelius is completely hand rolled, Cuban style, with a triple cap. Each roller’s name is stamped proudly on the bottom of every box they roll. The Cornelius blend has a layered complexity with notes of both sweetness and spice. This medium-bodied cigar has a refined balance that culminates with a buttery smooth finish. This masterfully crafted cigar is nothing short of magnificent, and the ideal addition to any connoisseur’s humidor.

Cornelius Smoking Experience:

Body:  Medium

Strength:  Medium

Tasting Notes:  Cedar, Bread, Cream, Nuts, Caramel, Pepper, Croissants, Honey, Graham Cracker

Cornelius Composition:

Wrapper:  Ecuadorian 

Binder:  Ecuadorian

Filler:  Nicaraguan

Factory:  El Titan de Bronze


Cornelius & Anthony Cornelius rated 94 by CigarNoise

The C&A Cornelius was featured in this article: Best Cubanesque Cigars from Around the World

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