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Cigars Comparable to Drew Estate’s Liga Privada No. 9

Cigars Comparable to Drew Estate’s Liga Privada No. 9

Happy Tuesday, folks! Recently, we’ve been getting a lot of questions asking about suggestions for cigars comparable to Liga Privada. Often, it’s the No. 9 that sparked someone’s interest, and they want to continue down that rabbit hole. 

If you’re also wondering about cigars similar to the Liga Privada series, I’d be remiss if I didn’t point you to one of our samplers currently that features hard to find Liga Privada including the Year of the Rat! 


Liga Privada Sampler

You can view this sampler here


We’ll talk about cigars below that have some of the signature tasting notes of these cigars, but you owe it to yourself to explore the entire Liga Privada line if you haven’t yet. If your favorite part about Liga Privada is the smoke output, for instance, you won’t really find that anywhere else. 

Next, we’ll talk about two individuals that spearheaded the Liga No. 9 project and were instrumental in the Liga Privada series as a whole. They’ve since went on to develop their own brands and are absolute power houses in the cigar industry. 

Foundation's The Tabernacle 

Foundation Cigar Co, ran by Nicholas Melillo, has The Tabernacle. It’s an iconic Connecticut Broadleaf cigar with everything we love about Broadleaf all in one package. It’s sweet, earthy, lush, and depending on size can pack a mean punch as well.


Foundation Cigar Co's The Tabernacle

You can view The Tabernacle line here


The Double Corona is one of Nick’s favorite sizes in his Tabernacle blend because there’s no breakage during the bunching process. Essentially, the size is long enough that the leaves are bunched whole and creates a very consistent cigar experience. You can watch more about that in his video link here.


Interview with Nicholas Melillo

Or you can read our first written interview here 


Dunbarton’s Mi Querida 

Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust, ran by Steve Saka, has Mi Querida. Whereas Melillo is dubbed Chief of the Broadleafs, Saka calls Broadleaf his mistress. Both of these gentlemen truly love Broadleaf, and it shows in their blends.


Dunbarton Mi Querida

You can view the Mi Querida line here


Saka prefers more oomph to his cigars overall, though, and has since created stronger versions such as Mi Querida Triqui Traca. In fact, if you enjoy Liga Privada, it’d be worth checking out the entire Dunbarton portfolio since you’d probably like the theme!


Interview Steve Saka

You can read our written interview with Steve Saka here 


Budget Broadleaf

Just to reiterate, if you’re looking for Liga comparisons your best bet is to smoke more Liga Privada. 

After that, both Nicholas Melillo and Steve Saka created blends more to their personal liking and are undeniably worthy of contending for space in your humidor. That goes for anyone and everyone, but doubly so for those looking to expand upon their Liga Privada experiences. 

Next, we’ve also got a Budget Broadleaf sampler. This pack features the Umbagog, a slightly less costly Mi Querida from Steve Saka. It utilizes blemished wrappers and otherwise has the same guts. Saka’s exacting standards for his Mi Querida line ended up benefiting consumers by providing the same experience without the packaging frills.


Budget Broadleaf Sampler

You can view this sampler here


This sampler also includes various Broadleaf wrappers from different areas and is perfect for exploring how deep your Broadleaf infatuation runs.

Black Label Trading Co’s Last Rites

But maybe it’s not the Broadleaf wrapper that made you fall in love with the No. 9? Maybe it’s the full body, rich flavor, and blend of earthy, nutty, and chocolatey tasting notes that drew your attention. 

If that’s the case, I’d be remiss not to suggest that you try the Last Rites by Black Label. You should probably try all of Black Label to be sure, but the Last Rites feels like a dead ringer to me for that sort of profile. 


BLTC Last Rites

You can view the Last Rites line here



Ecuadorian Habano is my jam, and James Brown works it like Bobby Flay grills a burger.  His core line (including Last Rites) was recently updated, and I think it perfectly reflects what he’s learned in the last several years. Last Rites always had character, but now it’s even more pronounced and really shines. 


Interview James Brown of BLTC

You can view out interview with James Brown here

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