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Cigar of the Week: Warped Moon Garden

Cigar of the Week: Warped Moon Garden

Today’s cigar of the week is a little different than what we’ve done in the past because I’m smoking this cigar for the very first time.  

I was pretty damn sure that I’d never see one in person, much less have a chance to light ‘er up and see what Kyle Gellis had up his sleeve.  There were only 6500 made and I think everywhere sold out while I was sleeping.  Thankfully, an amazing friend blew my mind and sent me some to try. 

So why is it cigar of the week?  It’s the first thing I’ve smoked in about as much time!  Also, it’s the first time I’ve had a chance to put my fingers to the keyboard in a while so it seemed appropriate.  I’m back in the Middle East as of this morning, and the weather is highly appropriate for smoking lanceros this time of year.  

With about half an inch of ash, I’ve been experiencing interesting flavors from Moon Garden.  We’re talking about toasted marshmallow, black peppercorn, bright cedar and dark oak, a touch of floral notes, a little earth, graham cracker, and white chocolate. It’s taken me this long just to figure out what the hell I’m picking up, and this cigar sports a very pleasant roster of flavors. 

Warped Cigars Moon Garden

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Rather than shy away, the pepper seems to become more pronounced as the ash builds. It lingers and completely dominates the long finish.  

Past the first third, caramel notes develop in an extremely satisfying way.  Heavy peppercorn, cedar, caramel, toasted marshmallow and graham cracker is an all-star recipe in my book.  These notes continue to harmonize well past the halfway point, so I’m going to sign off and enjoy this beauty. 

My favorite part?  The texture - that’s where Moon Garden really excels.  There’s a chewy feel to the smoke that I can’t get enough of, perfectly marrying the flavors with just the right amount of body.  If I were to describe this cigar in just one word, it would be satisfying.  No regrets in picking this cigar for a Sunday feature. 


Given the limited availability of this cigar, it always begs the question: is Moon Garden worth the hype?  If you haven’t smoked this cigar yet and are (or have been) a Warped fan, I’d recommend seeing if you can hunt one down before too much time passes.  While only your palate can answer that question, I believe this to be a very good cigar and one that would’ve crushed the charts in a national release. 

If you can’t find these, I’d look for the next Sky Flower release.  I get a lot of the same tasting notes in both, and Sky Flower is likely to sit in the New Arrivals for a bit longer than the one-off Moon Garden. 

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