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Cigar of the Week: Warped Flor del Valle

Cigar of the Week: Warped Flor del Valle

I had something else in mind for today, but I really just wanted to smoke another Flor del Valle.  I figure if it’s worth smoking back to back in a weekend, it’s worthy of being crowned Cigar of the Week.  Really and truly, it’s very rare that I crave the exact same thing the next day - yet here we are.

On a side note, I'm pretty sure these were my first box purchase from Small Batch.  Neat! 

Lighting up today's Cristales vitola, I’m met with an undeniable graham cracker impression, honey, orange peel, and cardamom spice.  You might think I’m blowin smoke with cardamom, but I’ve become familiar with it from my time in the Middle East.  This is legit cardamom, ladies and gents!  

I’ve sat on this particular cigar for quite a while, so the pepper that usually weaves its way into the party seems to be absent except through the nose.  As it gets going, I’m left once again with an herbal tea impression as the flavors ebb and flow.  After the first ash, almonds and hints of caramel add themselves to the mix.


Warped Cigars Interview

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And that’s what I’ve come to love about this cigar.  The flavor profile is so dynamic and unique that everyone comes away with something different.  

When you think of their tag line, “Exclusively Different,” which cigar do you think best characterizes that phrase?  The Warped portfolio is full of unique cigars, but I think the Flor del Valle would be a great starting point for someone that wants to understand Warped for the first time. 


Given how hard it is to find Flor del Valle these days, I’d recommend that you try any and every size that you can find out in the wild to form your own opinion.  Since they’re now limited production cigars and out of stock almost everywhere, Andrew noted that the Maestro del Tiempo is a great alternative that also highlights Warped Cigars’ style.

Thinking more on it, they do share a lot of similarities: 

  • Both showcase their signature spice that’s aggressively playful
  • Both have a spirited flavor profile with comparable ranges
  • Both are AGANORSA puros
  • Similarly sized vitolas
  • Similar overall description of the tobacco composition
  • Both bands are equally hard to photograph :P

And if you’re lucky enough to catch wind of a Flor del Valle SkyFlower release before they’re all sold out, definitely add it to your list of cigars to try.  It utilizes a higher priming of tobacco to create a completely different experience. 

Warped Maestro del Tiempo

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