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Cigar of the Week: Herrera Esteli Miami

Cigar of the Week: Herrera Esteli Miami

When I first saw the Herrera Esteli Miami’s drop into the Small Batch New Arrivals, I wasn’t clued in to why it was such a momentous occasion.  A representative from Drew Estate told us in the Small Batch Cigar Group on Facebook that these were the original blend from Herrera Esteli, but now available in additional sizes.  

I knew that I should’ve been amped to try any Lonsdale from Willie Herrera, but it wasn’t until I saw this post from Steve Saka that I pulled the trigger and ordered my box of Miami’s like a champ.  

Firing up today’s Miami Lonsdale, notes of cedar, Coca-Cola, earth, dark chocolate, mild peppercorn, and sourdough bread explode in my mouth.  The texture is smooth and creamy, allowing for deep draws and big smiles.  

Another inch or so in, buttered popcorn and hints of anise start sprinkling themselves in the mix.  We’ve even got impressions of rust, watered-down Dr. Pepper, forest floor, and lemon-pepper chicken.  Through the nose, I get a lingering Peppermint Mocha sensation that feels weird even for me to write.  

And that’s why I chose the Miami for this week, because of the sheer number of tasting notes bouncing around inside this cigar.  It's like an international buffet where every couple of puffs are served from a different part of the flavor wheel. 


Herrera Esteli Miami Review

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I believe I’ll take my leave now to ponder the rollercoaster that is the Herrera Esteli Miami and wish y’all a wonderful week!  If you've smoked this cigar as well, please drop a comment below with your thoughts.


We’ve discussed the different types of complexity before, and this cigar showcases the quantity aspect. I think this will be a love or hate cigar for a lot of people based on that alone, but I’d definitely light it before you spite it. 

If you’re a fan of interesting cigars, I’d highly recommend trying the Miami for a test drive.  I’m glad I picked up a box to sample over time and see what shakes out of this blend.

If you’re unfamiliar with Willie Herrera and his masterful work with the Lonsdale size, I’d suggest trying the sampler below for a crash course into his blending style.  

I paired today’s cigar with water, but this past week I really enjoyed the Miami Lonsdale with Jura the Paps and also with Coke Zero.  I’m willing to bet that this cigar has enough to offer that more adventurous pairings will be even more rewarding.  


Herrera Esteli Sampler


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