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Cigar of the Week: Davidoff Special 53 Capa Dominicana

Cigar of the Week: Davidoff Special 53 Capa Dominicana

Happy Thursday, folks! 

Let's talk about a cigar that’s been living in my dreams for quite a few months now: the Davidoff Special 53 Capa Dominicana! 

I first enjoyed this cigar while quarantining in a hotel and instantly knew it was a winner. In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I purchased a second box that same day to make it only the second Davidoff blend that I’ve bought two boxes of after just one cigar. The first was our White Knight exclusive.

Davidoff Special 53 Capa Dominicana Review

At first light, the Special 53 hits me with gritty graham cracker, warm cedar notes, a touch of pepper, and a measure of sweetness that I liken to smelling flower stems. I’m already beyond pleased with my first and second purchase. 

There’s a depth of flavor here that isn’t present in most of the newer cigars I’ve smoked in the last twelve months. The body weighs in right at medium, yet the notes are crisp and complex enough to push the flavor dial closer to medium-full. Somehow, it’s harmonious without losing the individual characteristics that each flavor brings to the table. 

Burning past the first inch, baking spices begin to play in the background and linger on my palate after each puff. Warm hints of cinnamon and faint traces of nutmeg are how I’m perceiving it. Caramel also teases my senses from time to time along with what reminds me of smelling peanut shells and the occasional earthy note. 

The construction? I’m two for two with zero complaints. Can’t guarantee the other 18 will perform the same, but so far the Special 53 is earning every penny of its MSRP. And to be fair, I’d be willing to touch up any cigar with this much flavor – luckily, I don’t have to! 

Such a phenomenal cigar… If you haven’t tried it yet, I sincerely hope that you do and would welcome any feedback. Entire brands could be launched worldwide with this blend and we’d be talking about it for the rest of the year. Davidoff really knocked it out of the park with the Special 53. 

Being in a dry country, I’ve only experimented with black coffee and Coke Zero so far. Coffee really makes this cigar shine, but I bet something like the Glenmorangie LaSanta would highlight the sweeter aspects of this cigar. 

If you’ve also enjoyed this cigar, I’d love to hear your thoughts as well! 


Davidoff Special 53 Capa Dominicana Review


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9/17/2020 10:57 PM
So funny you should mention Glenmorangie LaSanta since that is actually what I paired this with just by chance of what I grabbed off my shelf. I got this in my COTM and while it was an enjoyable stick, no complaints, did have one touch up but to me personally it doesn't live up to the MSRP. The Claudenstein from the same COTM I enjoyed much more at a much lower price point and I actually bought a box of right after smoking it.
9/18/2020 3:50 AM
Thanks for the comment Joseph! Glad to hear your thoughts

Also, happy to hear you're liking the Claudenstein :D