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Cigar of the Week: Dapper Desvalido

Cigar of the Week: Dapper Desvalido

Happy Wednesday, amigos!

Today, I want to talk about a cigar that’s haunted my dreams recently: the Desvalido Lonsdale by Dapper Cigar Co.

Dapper Desvalido Review

I still don’t quite understand what the name (Hopeless) means for the blend, except that I’m hopelessly infatuated with it. It’s been quite a pleasure smoking Ian Reith’s creative blends in recent years, and I think this one takes the cake – at least for this hombre.

At first light, I’m consistently amazed by the smooooth mouth feel. This blend begins the journey at barely medium-bodied, but layers the flavor on your palate like an onion.  My first impression is of milk chocolate followed by just a touch of earth and what I perceive as dried fruit. And then more sensations roll in: mild, creamy coffee, hints of additional chocolate nuances, faint pepper, popcorn, a touch of floral notes, and almonds.

For a guy with a sweet tooth, this cigar absolutely crushes expectations in my opinion. I know from experience that these tasting notes will shuffle and play out in various ways over the course of the next hour or so, and I couldn’t ask for more.

If Ian Reith wasn’t on your radar before, he’s definitely someone to watch in the next couple years. Not only did he debut with iconic blends like the Cubo Claro and Maduro, El Borracho, and La Madrina, but he continues to push the envelope with blends like Siempre (including our new Small Batch exclusive, the Siempre Rosado) and now Desvalido.


Dapper Desvalido Lonsdale Review


I’m very keen to see what he does next, because Desvalido – in my humble opinion – is damn near the pinnacle for my personal tastes and preferences. If you also enjoy cigars that have more flavor than strength, I’d say this blend (and brand as a whole) is worth moving up on your short list!

I’d like to pair this cigar with a rum like Diplomatico, but it pairs wonderfully with black coffee and Coke Zero. Also, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that the Desvalido Lonsdale and Siempre Rosado Corona Gorda feel like different sides of the same coin. Whereas Siempre Rosado managed to capture that full-bodied expression with bold cocoa nuances like a Heavyweight, Desvalido Lonsdale fights in the Lightweight division and punches above its weight in the flavor department.

Tell Us! If you’ve also smoked Desvalido, what are your thoughts?


Dapper Desvalido Review


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